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The Heat Is On

Summer is upon us.

Over the weekend, we did something we had yet to do together: haha… get your head out of the gutter… Yard-Sale-ing! Didn’t find anything of use, to us but Clint’s daughter kept calling me over and pointing at things “oohh thisss! we have to get this!” One item, a VHS tape of E.T. She, just like her father is obsessed with that alien. Unfortunately we don’t have a VCR, so I had to say no.

On Saturday we went to Lucas Oil Raceway Park for the Ford Mustang Car Show. It was so cool to see all the Mustangs from the 60’s to this year. I wish my car were as clean as those! I joked and said it would be cool if my car had racing stripes like some of the cars there. Clint rolled his eyes. I have an ’89 Toyota Camry. hahaha! Afterwards we visited Speedway for ice cream then to Downtown Indianapolis and walked around for a bit before getting some lunch.

We called up his sister, Kelly and she went with us up to Fishers for the Fishers Freedom Festival where we walked around to most of the little tents selling soaps, handmade jewelry, soy candles, candy, dips, children’s toys, and of course the food! We made sure to get a Funnel Cake. 🙂 All four of us crammed in and rode on a Hot Air Balloon.. it was tethered to the ground but it went up a good 100 ft and I nearly died. Poor Alexis (8 y/0) was too short to see over the basket while standing in the middle so of course she wanted to see what was going on. She made me SO nervous going to the edge, as I was on the edge. There was no way I would be pushed out but man. My adrenaline was flying.

It was a full day and once we went to bed, we slept good – 12 hours straight.

Yawn. Now off to get a nap in before Clint gets home from work in about an hour.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂


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