This upcoming move will be my fifteenth time I’ve moved in my 29 years. A lot you say? I guess. 🙂 I’m used to moving more than the average person so picking up my life and transplanting it to a new area isn’t a big deal. This time, I’m really anxious and happy about moving. My boyfriend, Clint and I are getting our own place together and we can hardly contain ourselves. Tonight, we’re spending the evening in our own homes – to finish up packing + getting enough sleep. Tomorrow, or I should say early Monday morning once he’s off from work, I’m meeting him at his place. Sleeping then heading over to the new rental office to pick up the keys, pay for the month, sign the lease and MOVE OUR CRAP IN! WOOHOOO!

As I’ve been packing up things, I’m realizing of how much crap I actually do own. I should visit Goodwill sometime soon – otherwise it’ll just collect. :/

I started writing in hopes I’d reach 500 words but I’m afraid I won’t get to 200, so here I am, stopping short. Time to finish eating dinner, or lack there of. Poptarts. Yep, I’m serious.

G’night all! Happy Sunday!


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