Great news!

I have Bronchitis. For those who don’t know what it is: It’s TERRIBLE! I haven’t stopped coughing the last 2 ish weeks and lost my voice twice already. Chest pain while breathing, also lost hearing in my left ear – inner ear infection. I’m now taking antibiotics but may take 2-3 more weeks to fully recover. It’s fantastic.

That isn’t the great news. Haha, hardly.

My boyfriend Clint and I are moving in together this coming Monday and I can tell you, we’re both anxiously excited about it. It’s a long time coming, it seems. I’m already at his place more than half the time so it only makes sense that we make it ‘official’ and move in together. I absolutely love spending time with him, and vice-versa. 🙂 He is now suffering from the flu (I think?) and so when he gets off of work, I’ll be heading over there to take care of him. That and, plan out what in the world I’ll be packing up. And how. So far, two of my friends have offered their help (and trucks) for the move but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to even move everything within a few hours. Sure, I’ve moved right after a blizzard (okay, a bad snow storm) before, but never while this sick. I get out of breath easily, then it brings on the coughing. That and I’m exhausted. I haven’t done much today at all and I feel like I ran a marathon. I slept more than anything – and coughed up my lungs.

I better hop off here and get ready to go.

Happy “almost” Thursday!


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