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11 Feb 11!

Visited Chicago late last month. AMAZING city, so many wonders and sights to see. Unforgettable. One thing I will never forget: the freezing temperatures. To others, that time of year to be traveling up north might have been silly, but believe me, my boyfriend and I needed that time away from Indianapolis, even if it was just for a few days.

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. An adventure in itself just finding parking, and walking the 6 ish blocks in 4 degree temps to get to the hotel. Hehe. Learned to pack lightly then. 🙂 We saw loads of things, visited a few places we looked up online prior to visiting and made sure to eat a few eateries. Mmm. My favorite is the America’s Dog – hot dogs, yo! Incidently, next-door to our parking garage. Haha.

I caught a bad cold while up there, and was sick halfway through the trip. Probably due to: 1. Cold temps. 2. Lots and lots of food I hadn’t eaten before. Yep, that sums it up. A few weeks went by and started to feel better. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m sick again. But it’s much worse than before. I’d rather just be sneezing. Instead, horrible sore throat and coughing that doesn’t make anything feel better.

Will update this later. Must take some meds to ease my coughing; pack up for the weekend at my boyfriend’s house and rest for a bit.

G’night all.


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