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Here we go…

I think it may be a daily or near daily blog now. Of course I say that now.

It’s only nearing 8:30 pm but to be honest, I’m tempted to crash right now. It was an exhausting day, I was awaken by my roommates (haha, family…) but they’re super inconsiderate. I opened my door and my niece giggled and said “oops we woke up Aunt Nicki” and proceeded to giggle, loudly. They woke me up an hour early. Thanks.

I had a smart idea and waited to have breakfast: oatmeal. Smart because it held me over until 7 hours into my shift and that’s the hunger pains kicked into high gear. I wanted to scarf anything down, but I had loads of more work to do and food had to wait. With my job: there are no breaks. Ever. Eat when you can, basically. Usually, I go without eating because frankly, you have no time. There’s always something more important going on.

I thought, er hoped that since my half sister would be home all day from work she’d do something productive while I was gone. I think maybe all she did was take a shower, if that. The dishes were still in the sink with more surrounding it. All the lights were on. ALL OF THEM.

Guess who pays the electric bill? Yeah, me.

The other day or night, whatever Clint and I ran to Walmart for a mad dash for food. I’m broke as hell this week due to everything being due and well, left me with almost nothing. Meh. I bought several Ramen Noodle things, yummy yummy if you ask me. I warmed one up this evening after changing into my PJ’s and washing off my face. My half sis asked where I bought them. Duh. Walmart. But I was nice and said, “Oh at Walmart… went there the other day, needed a few things like BREAD.”

Holy cow. You are NOT GOING to have my food too! She eats everything of mine. I’m thankful to still keep my Egg Nog in the fridge. Either she doesn’t care for it or not a fan. Muahaha. More for me.

On the way home.. Haha… if you knew me in real life you’d realize I’m not the sweet sort of person you think I am on here. I have that little known condition: Road Rage. But in my defense, it’s more verbal than anything. I’m not violent at all. I moved to this side of town oh, almost a year ago and to be honest, I miss my side… mainly because of the FASTER MOVING TRAFFIC. People here drive with no sense of urgency. As if each day is Sunday.. full of Sunday Drivers. It’s NUTS! I drive on only two main roads to/from work, both of which range from 40 to 45 mph. Average speed of drivers on it, whom I’m stuck behind: 30. Yes. Thirty.

Something must be done. People here have too much time on their hands.

Tonight, we’re expecting 2 to 4″ of snow and I can wait. Usually I love snow and driving in it, but with the locals here.. oh man. *shakes her head*

Holy crap. I’m dying for something cold but already had a large cup of milk. I think it’s time for an ice cream cone thing.. with chocolate fudge topped and with sprinkles!

One more day of work then SO off Sunday. Whew!

I’ll *try* to take (and upload) some photos of the Winter Wonderland tomorrow…

Happy Saturday!


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