Holidays, work, family.

Hello all.

Thanksgiving was nice over here in my little world. I had to work five hours (double time and a half, yo!) then promptly drove home, changed and got all pretty.. while my boyfriend was there waiting for me to get done. We then drove to his sister’s house where the rest of his family were chilling out and waiting for our arrival.

After dinner, my boyfriend and I stood in front of the lit up Christmas tree (unfortunately we were taller than it) but we made due, and had his mom take a photo of us. Either she was being silly or honestly didn’t know how to use his camera (I don’t blame her, I’m intimidated by complex technology – haha, yes really) so he had her sister take over the photo-taking. Some of the photos turned out pretty well, but one he took of me while I was in the kitchen scraping off a dinner plate.. I looked up, and asked what he was doing *snap!* haha. Go figure. 🙂

This week has been especially hard. I don’t see him as much, due to his increase of hours at work. Not his fault, it’s just the holidays. Meh. My hours will increase too, but as long as I’m in my “new” position, I’ll be having those extra hours. His subsides after the rush dies down, oh probably around mid-January or so.

We both need better jobs, the end.

Life on the home front is getting strained. I seem to be the only one doing the house cleaning, and upkeep of things while my half-sister and daughter sit back, eat their ice cream, a nightly ritual while I’m washing the dishes from the day before that’s been sitting in the sink. You’d think they would get the hint. Nope. My half-sister, she’s going through a hard time. I get that. I understand, but there has to be a balance. I pay half of the rent, that’s a given and I don’t mind it – I prefer living in this apartment vs the house where I had to be tip-toeing around her husband who constantly nit-picked everything I did. She claims she’s broke all the time. I know well enough how it feels to be poor, but 3 nights of the week I see fast food leftovers in the fridge. Something must be said, but I’m not ready to do it right now.

As the holidays are coming up, work is picking up as well – and so it begins. I’m starting my new position once I return to work tomorrow (nothing has really changed, just WAY more responsibilities) and I’m not even sure what the pay is going to be. This may be of a small concern, but I’m anxious about receiving my new shirt. It’ll be black and MEDIUM SIZED not 3XL. Sorry for you all obese Americans and whatnot, but I’m not one of you. Not in the slightest. I hate having a shirt that I could use as a tent. I look stupid in it, and people (customers) don’t believe me when I say I’m in charge, when the managers have left for the day. I hate that feeling.

With the position, I’ll be the floater, when people call in and no one wants to fill in, I’ll have to do it. It’s crap. Utter BS if you ask me. If they paid us better, we’d have less of a turnover. Unfortunately the CEO’s don’t believe in common sense. I really don’t want to spend another holiday at that company. I work at a gas station. I never ever thought I’d be working in one. Here I am, slaving away for what? Minimum wage. It’s crap.

Ugh. I need to stop worrying about work – that’s all I do as of late. A month or two ago I had these terrible migraine attacks that would last up to a week, stop for a day and begin again. It got pretty bad, to the point of driving myself to the nearest hospital. What stopped me? Being poor because I work at a gas station. A few moments ago, a migraine hit. I’m tired of relying on PM pain meds just to get to sleep but that’s all I have right now. I really need to save up and get my butt out of there. I refuse to be a kiss-ass when corporate visits us. I never have and I never will bend over backwards for someone who doesn’t take the time to hear me out.

On a lighter note: Christmas!

Usually, I’d be dreading this time of year because normally I’m single/lonely and not wanting to do anything with friends because they’re with someone or married/happy and things. Not this year folks! Holy crap. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Sounds cliche but I am honestly happy. So so happy with my boyfriend, Clint. I know I don’t say many people’s names on here but I’m confident I’m going to be mentioning his many times here on out. 🙂

We met online. I know, broken record, right? Wrong. I tried a dating site. I never thought it’d actually work out for me and bam! Well, we waited a few weeks before meeting in person of course but it was instant. The first date (meeting, but we count it as a date) was lovely. The time he came into my work asking for my keys to my car and telling me to not be alarmed. Of course, I was weary of it… later when I got off of work, I found a bouquet of flowers, a note and a box of chocolates in my front passenger seat. Awe! No one has gone that far with me, as far as that goes. Very sweet.

We love spending time with each other. The evenings/mornings (I sometimes work third shift) I sleep, I really miss him. It’s strange because I didn’t think I’d be to this point in my life quite yet, but I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. It’s been only three months but yeah. He’s a keeper. 🙂

We’ve taken a road trip already, more spur of the moment but it was fantastic. We’re going to visit an IKEA store sometime, probably after the holidays. We have very similar taste in music, food (he loves Pizza to death, something I must get used to – haha). Basically, he’s not afraid of getting out there so to speak. And I absolutely love that!

Anyway, I’m approaching 1100 words, and incidentally it is going on 11pm. Haha. Crazy!

So as for Christmas (I go off topic like crazy – something he’s getting used to, then again he goes off on tangents too)… I’ll be baking this year, but I must do a dry run first because it’s something I haven’t done before: Fudge and Cake Pops. The latter most people haven’t heard of before. I’m *super* excited about baking both, especially the second. I haven’t melted chocolate before but Clint has – so he’ll be there to guide me along the way. I hope!

My younger sister lives in England. I say that because no, I’m not moving there. Haha. Though she does want me to move in with her.. not really sure why.. :p I really want to do something special for her and her boyfriend this year. Usually I send them a Christmas card and an additional card for her birthday that falls a few days later. She deserves more, considering she has been giving me gifts each year and I have nothing to show for it.

We’re expecting our first major snowfall this weekend and I’m trying to get excited about it but it’s difficult because people on this side of town can’t drive worth a damn when it’s dry and warm out. If you add precipitation to it, oh hell no.

Alrighty, word count is nearing 1350, much higher than I expected. Haha. I really need to write more often!

Have a great Friday!


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