A few developments

We now have a toaster.

I could/could not be promoted. All it rides on is my performance, according to the judgement of my store manager. I have full support from my district manager. I learned today what the promotion entails, besides from the slight increase of pay: shit ton more responsibilities; increase of hours. From 32-38 is to 45!

I have an addiction, and I’m strong enough to admit to it and change it for the better: I live three minutes from Wal-mart. This my friends, is a very bad thing. Though, I was the one who bought the majority of the things for the apartment, I do admit, I also picked up things we/I really didn’t need.

I have discovered my love of cooking again. *smiles*

Despite having two days off this week, I feel like I need more off.. to feel more settled/relaxed. Would really love to spend more time with my boyfriend and not worry about work (his or mine) getting in the way.

Also discovered that I really don’t enjoy cleaning after others. At work, it’s a given.. it’s my job too, to do so. At home though, it’s so irritating! If you’re able enough to get something out of the cupboard/fridge or put something in the sink, you’re able to WASH THE DISHES! Holy crap!

I should buy some of those Warning: POISON stickers.. and put it all over my drinks/food. My family here (half-sister and daughter) think it’s OK to eat/drink anything inside the kitchen, even if it’s clearly mine.

We get to dress up for Halloween at work. Only the Friday after. I’ll be damned if I’m scheduled off that night and won’t be counted in the contest. Ah hell, if I’m off I’ll just walk my happy ass right in there in my costume. What will it be you ask? Hell if I know. But it sounds like fun, right?!?


Need to pack – heading to my boyfriends’ tonight. Weeee!

Until then.. have a great Friday night, ya’ll!


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