3 Oct 2010!

It’s definitely the changing of the seasons, which brings me to autumn, the best time of the year. 🙂 My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip of sorts, going to see a few covered bridges and taking a few days off from “life” and just enjoying ourselves. Or at least that’s the plan. We’ve been so stressed lately, me with my insane living situation (it’s much better now, thankfully) but we both aren’t a big fan of our jobs. Then again, who is?

I had to get this whole situation out to someone else. I felt bad for dumping it all on my boyfriend because I’m sure he’s sick of hearing about it, though he just says it’s OK. I called my dad yesterday. I must have sounded horrible because I had just woken up, this was mid-day mind you. 🙂 I work third shift (until 6am) on weekends and mid-day is sorta like middle of the night for me. I wake up, eat, then go back to sleep. Only I was so urked I had to tell someone about what was going on, that and my address change. So it was a productive call. 🙂 Learned my dad was involved in a bad construction accident about two weeks ago. He was installing a fold-up attic ladder, aluminum. It became loose and shut on his hands, he was VERY lucky in not losing his fingers. His left hand though, (main hand) he has lost feeling/nerve endings in a few fingers but in a few months he should regain the nerves back again. It’s scary. 😦 He’s OK though, still in some bandages. Had surgery to correct a few things. I had no idea. I’m so happy he’s okay though.

The apartment is coming along better than say, a week ago. My things are nearly unpacked/put away. Found more crap to donate to Goodwill. I would sell some stuff to Plato’s Closet, though that is a good idea for the good things. Maybe.

It’s a good and bad thing I live super close to Walmart. Haha. Dangerous! We still need to get a few basic supplies from there anyway, so that’s a good reason to visit tomorrow, right?

I have three days off next week. I’m happy. I say next week because for some reason the weeks at work run from Thursday through Wednesday. It’s weird, I know. I’m just happy to share an off day with Clint. It’s been FOREVER it seems since we’ve had a day off together like that.

I’m starting to get sleepy, good timing too because I’m getting up at 4am.

G’night world.


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