This was meant to be updated several times over the last few weeks – but life got in the way, as usual. Forgive me.

I think things in my life are starting to look up, considering it’s been going sideways for quite a while. I moved again, but with my half-sister and her daughter to an apartment a few minutes away from where we were living. She’s beginning her divorce – but I think she’s going about it the wrong way. I mean, not saying that she shouldn’t get one – because its not a state secret that she’s unhappy, but the way she uprooted our lives based on emotions and not being prepared – at all, for it. So they’re fully moved in but I have yet to get the rest of my things and furniture from the house, and she doesn’t seem to be concerned about it. Of course not, it’s not her stuff.

Sunday. Moving day. I slept three hours that morning, and spent six ish hours moving everything over. Not a big deal, right? Well I had to squeeze in a few hour nap because I had to work third shift that evening. Let’s just say by the time I got to work, I wasn’t myself at all. I hardly did my work – something I regret but I had literally no energy. I was extremely sore and exhausted. Mentally and physically. Also dealing with this chronic migraine mess (even now as I write this, my head has been pounding for days). My sister had the nerve to say on Sunday that she was dreading work the following day because she’ll be so tired. I had to bite my tongue.

She never thanked me or my boyfriend (whom came over to help when he should have been sleeping/resting up for his job that night) in assisting in the move. That’s something that has been eating away at me.

She has yet to set up the account with the electric company. Been here since Sunday and… well, we have power obviously but she asked ME to sign up for it. She’s had ALL THESE DAYS TO DO IT! The money isn’t an issue, it’s the principle of the thing. She had to put in, “Don’t worry, I won’t screw you over or anything.”

Yeah right.

She had a ahem, “friend” over last night. I thought he was just going to hang out for a bit but it was nearing midnight and I went to brush my teeth and tell her goodnight, when I realized he was sitting on her bed. Smiling. Oh hell. You’re STILL MARRIED. What the HELL are you doing?!?

He stayed the night. I tried to block out any sounds by listening to some music quietly. Took two tylenol pm’s and crashed an hour later. I’m up, four hours later.. in total pain. It’s the migraine crap again.

As for a good note, the guy I’m with now, Clint is amazing. Really. We really care for each other much beyond the surface. We’re so alike in so many ways, yet he reminds me to be my own person.. its best to be an individual and have my own interests/likes so we have something to talk about. Today is his birthday. Ripe old age of 29. Two weeks apart, too. 🙂 I’m hoping to see him again this weekend, if I’m able to. Unlike him, my work schedule changes weekly and since I’m 3rd Shift Trained, I can work that shift pretty much anytime though it’s generally during the weekend. He’s all around a really cool kinda guy. There’s no red flags to speak of. None. Like him, our minds go off to different tangents and so we don’t get urked when the conversation veers sideways. Haha. It’s too funny.

Bleh. I’m sleepy… finally. Woke up an hour ago in total pain – head. Going to go back to sleep.. be up again within five hours. I hope.


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