Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare?

Either way, I don’t want to wake up.

Haha. I just have to laugh. Seriously. This whole work week is a freaking joke. Don’t take me wrong, I’m happy I’m employed and whatnot but seriously. Why are the upper management bending over backwards to their newest employee’s “special” scheduling requirements – all the while it’s messing everyone else’s days up? I don’t understand.

At all.

I went from two days off (together, a rare thing!) to one day, at the end of the work week. I’m not really happy.

Learned that I’m going to be attending some extra Manager Training sometime in the near future in a neighboring county. Eh. No other details. I wish I knew. Also! I’m working third shift this weekend. Alone. W/o training/guidance. It’ll be FANTASTIC! Apparently, I’ve exceeded the manager’s expectations of my performance. Go me.

Yesterday at work though, I was sincerely not myself at all. Wednesday around midnight-ish I came down with this awful type of stomach bug going around. I felt like I was going to die. No, really. I was ready to call 911. I was in and out of the bathroom all morning and didn’t get much sleep before going to work. Thursday wasn’t so bad. Yesterday, I had a fever and chills during work. And I was grouchy. Due to lack of sleep. I hate being in a bad mood, so I tried to stay quiet as much as humanly possible. Difficult to do when you deal with the public though. :p

In other news: I got a new phone, but I’m debating whether returning it and going back to my old one. I really love this one but it’s so dang expensive and I can’t stand the texting portion of it. Grrrrahhhhh!!!! I have a few more days till my return policy expires. eh.

So, the subject of my car accident has come up at work due to my awesome back problems and insane number of times I get migraines. Becoming a running joke, now. Only, someone who I trust advised me to seek an attorney. And a Chiropractor.

To sleep at night, I’ve been taking either sleep aids/tylenol or advil pm/melatonin. At rest, my back still hurts. I don’t know what’s going on but I can tell you that I’m getting pretty sick of being in pain all the time.

I’m trying to pull an all-morning-er… and not sleep for several hours. It’s just after 1:30 am and I’m starting to yawn. Uh oh.

Not sure what else to add. There’s more, but I think I may try to rest. I can always add to this later, right? Right. 🙂

G’night world.


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