So many things…

These last few days have been wonderful. Granted the days I had to switch around and work early morning shifts were a bit difficult to adjust to but were well worth it. I have new respect for the people who work that shift, they go home when I come into work for the mid-shift. I used to think in my head, “why don’t they do everything that’s expected of them?” Then I realize, they have zero time. The morning rush is freaking insane.

A few weeks ago, upper management told me to basically step up my game, or they’ll have no choice but to demote me. So, I think I found my niche in this company. I’m super energetic, and friendly. I may not be the most loudest person on Earth but I think I’m doing a better job. I’m making much less mistakes and not asking near as many questions now. I volunteer for extra work/jobs within my shift without complaint and I think they’re starting to notice it. šŸ™‚ Yay me.

I’ve also gained 7lbs since starting employment (late July). Woo! This.. my friends is a good thing.

On a different note, I met someone. It was a bit unexpected, actually. I didn’t think I’d find anyone this soon/with as much things in common, but hey. Life works out in mysterious ways. There is no pressure.. and I absolutely love that feeling. We can be ourselves. It’s lovely.

I spoke to my younger sister, Veronica in England on Sunday on the phone. It was so wonderful to hear from her. We’re best friends. It’s funny because growing up we just had ourselves and no brothers just sisters. I was always (still am) taller than her by at least 6″ and different hair color, yet our mom dressed us up as if we were twins. Yeah, it’s cute when you’re teeny tiny but not middle-school age. She’d follow me around or I’d follow her around. Tease each other like crazy. Our teenage years we were ready to kill/maim each other. At least I was. Just a dark time in my life, then. I was so, so angry at her. Now.. looking back – I have no idea why. Honestly. She’s the reason I’m still here. Months can go by without speaking to each other and we’d pick up where we left off. There is no resentment, not guilty feelings, no jealousy. Just love.

She is such a wonderful person. I’m so thankful to be related to her. šŸ™‚
Anyway.. sorry to be so sappy there. Just felt like I had to mention it.

I am off today (being Tuesday now, as I’m writing this) but worked last night. Time and a half baby! Approx $100 made. That’s freaking awesome! Nearly each night that I work, I have to stay over due to closing shift procedures and waiting on the slower-than-dirt computer (ok the PC isn’t slow, but rather the program we have to use, is). It’s ridiculous.

I have some regular customers who come in only wanting me to ring them up, I guess I’m likable? Hmm? :p One in particular has a friend who applied to my company w/o hearing back. I asked if they tried calling to see the status, they said they just reached a voice mail type thing and to leave a message. I thought that was a bit odd. So I went ahead and gave them the number to the local hiring office. They applied a month ago and changed numbers so there’s no way she’d be contacted now. I figured with the new local number, she could get her foot in the door faster. I also gave her my name, store # etc.. as a reference. So, yay. I’m not in charge of hiring so I couldn’t ask any questions in regards to that, even though I wanted to. Eh. We seriously need people. It’s freaking nuts. No joke. Er. Let me re-phrase that: We need hardworking individuals! šŸ™‚

With the craptastic job economy, you’d think those positions would be filled up quickly. Nope!

I’m going through a phase now. Friends upgrade. That’s what I’m calling it. Maybe an early mid-life change-up. Haha, you thought I was going to say crisis, eh? Well what brought this on is that I’m cutting away people who just call/text/msg me when they want something. That’s not how friendships work. Yes, I get that life is stressful but at the same time, do you ignore everyone when you’re under a ton of stress? Its just not fair to those around you. Eh. That and over time, whoever you associate yourself with, you eventually become them. I don’t want to be stuck in a rut all the time and be like woe-is-me. Not saying that all my friends are that way, just some. And I’m just tired of it all. Generally, I’m a very vibrant, happy person. Each day I’m laughing at/over something.

I want to be better.

Anyway. I think that’s about enough writing for one hour. šŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday


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