Confessions · Indiana · Work

New Beginnings

Found a job, so no longer unemployed – but the feelings of being the “new” one and not knowing 90% of what my job entails isn’t that welcoming… Though, many people think I have no experience with customer service/retail – they were taken aback when I explained I have several years under my belt. It’s only the rest of the work I have to shadow and learn ‘hands on’ to get the hang of things.

Things are ever so slowly looking up. The IOU to pay my Dad back will have to be delayed by a week since being hired at the start of the pay period, my check won’t arrive till 5 Aug. Fun.

My health has taken a downward spiral – at least my mental health. It has to do with work (the anxiousness and zero breaks/lunches) and other things, but mainly work. I was supposed to work today but instead it’ll be tomorrow at 0600. Which is fine, I’m really eager to learn and get out of the house… Getting off at or before 1400 is nice, too.

Home life is iffy. Having issues with communication with family members. When I’m upset/mad I’d rather be left alone instead of getting prodded for information -especially when the situation doesn’t involve them – it’s none of their business. You’d think they’d take the hint.

Turning 29 this year. Doesn’t seem like it. I say that each year though. Instead I want to try to do something different to celebrate it. At home would be fine, but awkward – maybe. I won’t have that many friends over. It’s still just over a month and a half away – plenty of time, right? 🙂

Be nice to know what my schedule is, or will be.


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