This has to give.

I just found a perfect part time job just minutes from me, and I must have been so excited that I messed up on the online version of the application. I hope I’ll be able to redo it tomorrow. I already tried to go back and fix it without any luck.

I really need to get a job, something – really soon. I have way too many things riding right now. I *have* to get a job by August 1st. I need to start paying off my credit card payments and various other things soon or I’m going to be in a world of trouble. I’m just so frustrated it’s not even funny.

I would love nothing else than to go out driving, to get to know the area.. and get out of the house but I need to conserve funds/gas.

Never thought I’d be in this situation, where I’m literally stuck. No other way to get out/remedy. If I were living on my own, I’d have loads of government/state assistance but since I live with family, there’s nothing.

Having to hold back hunger pains, it’s unfortunate but it’s gotten to this point. I so can’t wait to have my own place again.. have more than just a bedroom to call mine. To be able to come/go as I please without having to worry that I’d be disturbing anyone. I miss cooking the things I like, and having the food stocked, instead of improvising with bits of things.. eating barely two meals a day isn’t cutting it.

I can’t ask for help. I have a big problem with asking when I know there’s people out there with much less. So, I suffer.

I just want to sleep.. and wake up to good news.


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