It’s the 22nd day of June and I’m at home, with nothing to do. I’ve already alphabetized both my DVD’s and CD’s in my binder. I have 73 DVD’s. How crazy is that? I’d normally be online right now, surfing the web, checking email but our internet/tv/cable stuff is out. Sent the payment in late so there you go. May take another day till they receive it and then it’ll be turned back on. The phone is also hooked in with cable, can get incoming calls but not able to make outgoing. Been using our cell phones instead. I have limited minutes so I’m trying not to use mine if I can help it. Instead, been texting. 🙂

I suppose I could clean up my room. I barely have enough energy for that despite sleeping in today and having a two hour nap. We had major thunderstorms roll in early this morning, which woke me up for several hours. Couldn’t get to sleep till around seven this morning, so I didn’t wake up until eleven. Took a nap at three this afternoon. Been dealing with this terrible headache for two days now, it isn’t so bad today but I know its there.

Had a job interview yesterday, for a minimum wage position. Cashiering. I know I can do much better, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, good jobs are hard to come by. I did recently learn that there’s an office position not far from me that just opened up. I’ll head over there tomorrow – need to copy down my work history on paper again.. and bring it over there. It’s only a few minutes from me. That other job is 25 minutes away. People here on this side of town can’t drive, period. It was raining pretty hard off and on yesterday morning but you could still drive decently, going the speed limit. Others thought it’d be best to stop at green lights and slow down. Why? I don’t know.

24 June 2010. Friday. Finally the internet is back up, as well as the TV and phone. We have AT&T U-Verse, paid the bill one day late and they turn off all services. This morning I jumped the gun and kept calling, just needed to know when the stuff would be turned back on. Since I’m not on the account, they couldn’t tell me any specifics. So around 7pm, the DVR box started blinking. My brother in law turned on the TV and bingo! A screen of moving images, rather than the bright orange screen with white letters displaying At&t U-verse. Woo!

During the blackout.. I was organizing my room. Re-arranging the furniture, perhaps a little more than I should have because my back isn’t all that great. Not supposed to be lifting heavy things. I’m sure my three shelf bookcase is around fifty pounds if not more. Adjusted the books on the shelves, top are of those that are my favorite, never-ending reads, middle are “eh” books. They’re good but not great. Bottom, are ones that are good but too big/heavy to be put on the other shelves, including my DVD, CD, PC discs. Woo. My room doesn’t look cramped anymore, at least not in the entrance area. It was an utter mess then.

After final count, and some cleaning throughout my room, I discovered I have 82 movies, 53 music cd’s. I alphabetized them as well. I’m a dork, I know. I also managed to burn some music from my CD’s onto my laptop. Previously, for as long as I’ve had this computer (a few months) it rarely would read discs much less let me pull music off of them. So, yay.

On Wednesday I went and applied at a local trucking company, within the Office/Clerical realm. I’m pretty confident in it, but what caught me off guard was the immense amount of information they wanted. Reminded me a little of the Military, needing the last ten years’ worth of addresses. Crazy, right? It’s just a civillian job. Then again, each company runs themselves differently.

My boyfriends’ birthday is coming up real soon, a week. I think I’ve got just the thing. I’m not working, so no income flowing in so going out and buying him something is probably out of the question, it’ll have to come from the heart, need to be creative, too. We’ll see.

Will post later ish.


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