I am going crazy

Haven’t written in awhile.

My boyfriend and I moved early last month into a bigger apartment literally a block from where we used to live. It’s owned/managed by the same landlords as before which is great because I was ready to call the Health Department on the original apartment. It had Black Mold on all the lower parts of the walls, near the trim/corners along the exterior portion of the apartment. Even after cleaning it up with a solution part water/bleach, in February, it still came back. Twice I believe. My lease wasn’t up until this month but the landlords went ahead and granted us leeway from the troubles of the mold. We cleaned the hell out of that place and managed to get our deposit back which is so nice, but unexpected. Just because of all the apartments I’ve lived in, I personally never got the deposit back due to no cleaning up the premises enough or whatever. My Dad had paid for the deposit back in ’06 so he’ll be getting it back, thankfully or I’d have to pay it back to him. I would, it wouldn’t be a huge deal but there’s only three and a half more month’s worth of payments due back to him! It has finally come!

Just days after moving into here, there were a lot of bad storms brewing in the skies, one of which was a Tornado Watch. We had gotten ready for work one morning and it was raining very hard outside, the wind blowing, made seeing pretty difficult. We live on the second level and the stairs are wooden and are on the exterior of the apartment. On the very last step of the 16 or so steps, I thought it was the concrete landing and twisted my foot so that I’d turn instead of walking straight.. but it was a step, slipped on the wet step and severely sprained my ankle.
OMFG it hurt like nothing other. Anyway.. ’bout four weeks later all healed up. I’m very careful on steps now. 🙂

My job… what a load of crap it is. Unless you’ve got the personality for it, retail is so NOT for you. I’ve developed this personality trait of where I don’t give a damn about anyone there. I have just two people whom I care about there, but beyond that, everyone else sucks. Seriously. If they paid their cashiers more, MAYBE they’d have more people, and less of a high turnover. You think?!? Making $6 something is not do-able in this economy. They have me working in three different areas and it’s so backwards. Service Desk; Lane/Register; and Cash Office. More often than not I’m at the desk and I really hate it. There’s one particular person I loathe and she knows it too. A power hungry/egotistical brat. Whenever she orders me around, I want to say, “Well what color of shirt do you have? Oh yes, RED.” Meaning, same level. Anyone who personally knows me, know I don’t have a problem with authority but this woman abuses it to the core.

I’m looking for a new job, all the frickin’ time and I hope to GOD it is out of retail. I think my head will explode if I have to work in that field for the rest of the year.

It’s getting late (well, for me anyway – work at 0600 these days) and haven’t had dinner yet due to cleaning all day.. I had forgotten about the time.

Hopefully I will write again soon.


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