Things in my life are better than they were the last time I posted. Sure, I’m not making loads more of money but the real question here is, am I happier? That can be answered with: YES! Granted, starting a new job anywhere can be daunting to anyone but instead of being my usual self, I’m jumping right out there and taking the initiative in learning things. My main job duty is to work the cash office and afterwards I’ll be working the service desk… I’ve always loathed service desks, mainly because they’ve got so many things to worry about: money orders; check cashing; lottery (ew); grumpy customers. So today when I arrived at work, the clock stated: Too Late – See Manager. Me, thinking I wasn’t on schedule yet, and when in training, I’d be coming in at 9… I wasn’t sure what was going on. Anyway, I spoke to the manager and she said that I was to come in at 7. Lovely. And it just happen to be that NO ONE TOLD ME. Thanks guys, really. I worked my full eight hours, I didn’t mind staying… but in the meantime I’m losing precious time learning all about the cash office. They kicked me out and told me I had to “learn the service desk” but didn’t mention I’d be there all day. Again, thanks. At least at the end of the day I am more confident to handle simple returns, ones that have the receipt. Oh, and making keys! Those are kinda fun now that I know how to operate the stupid machine. The Lotto one on the other hand.. oh man. Give a few days, I should be good. Who knows.

I had forgotten how exhausting it is to be standing on your feet all the time. They give you breaks there, but I’m just used to not take them because at my prior job I never took them. Granted here, they are fifteen versus ten, but just a hassle, really. My back kills. KILLS.

My car broke down on Tuesday afternoon. Literally. It gave no warning. We were driving along the winding road halfway between work and home and the car just slowly died, it was slowing down and I had my foot on the gas and that did nothing. Luckily there was a wider shoulder on the road to turn off, so I lead the car there. Soon as we stopped so did the engine. Of course, panic sprang out and Eric said “Now don’t get all panicky with me, here and now, just calm down.” Me, thinking we were approximately five miles from the closest gas station, ready to walk to it but realized I was wearing my nice work shoes and there was just no practical way. I had to call someone and that someone was my Dad. Didn’t really want to do that but who else was I supposed to call? Anyway a bit later Dad showed up, we were all thinking it was the oil as it was almost gone when we had checked it. Filled it up, tried to turn on the engine and nothing. Three days later, we picked it up from the mechanics’ shop and nearly $400 later… the car works wonderfully. Couldn’t ask for more.

The bathroom in the apartment. Man. Basically what had happened was that there is a minor leakage from the bedroom’s closet ceiling (the upstairs bathroom tub drainage). The water had seeped into our bathroom behind the shower tiles and caused the walls to bow out, resulting in eight of the tiles to come toppling down as I was cleaning the tub out. Nice. Anyway, currently the walls have no tiles on them but rather 1/2″ High Moisture Cement Boards. They were supposed to come by today to finish and did they? Nope. *Hopefully* they’ll come by and do it tuesday. I had called them yesterday after returning from work to let them know again of our schedule. They’d rather do it when we’re not here as the remaining work will take 5 to 6 straight hours.

One big task I’ve accomplished today (okay, mostly… hehe) is cleaning up most of the apartment in just a few short hours this evening. I drank a large mug of coffee to keep me energized, and it sure did help a great deal. Did all the kitchen (a couple days worth of dishes.. and a bit of crumbs got into the cutlery holder in the silverware drawer, so I had to clean those and the holder); divided up the five pound roll of hamburger meat and stuck it in the freezer; spruced up the living room, did three loads of laundry (need to do four more but have enough quarters for just three more, poo); re-made up the bed (it was mostly made but looked horrible); put the three loads of completed laundry away. Woo! I’m good.

We’re re-watching Resident Evil: Extinction, well Eric is anyway. I hopped on here before the movie got under my nerves. It’s so unrealistic… poor filming compared to the first one. Eh, that’s just me though.

I’m getting more tired by the minute. I *should* post another entry soon. I want to make it a weekly thing. Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

Have a great week.


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