A recap.

I have a mission to complete for tomorrow, my day off: Do laundry and relax. No cleaning allowed. Hah, I’m going to clean… one way or another, but I really should just relax and do basically nothing productive.

Things here have been pretty nice as of late. My work situation… has improved greatly. Down to one job pretty much now, yay go me. My stupid car is acting up again, I hope to God it’s something small and cheap to fix. The brilliant people of Walmart Tire & Lube Center say it’s probably something to do with the tire rotation (since I haven’t gotten them rotated since August) but the vibration wouldn’t continue if it were in idle, correct? That and Walmart doesn’t offer diagnostics, I was just asking the mechanics. Nice. In order to do diagnostics at the place I usually get it fixed, I’d have to leave the car overnight and I can’t do that. I could if I had two days off in a row, but unfortunately I do not.

I had received a makeover last week, and it was lovely. More of a shock, really. The red hair…. yeah. It’s already washing out and it is supposed to be permanent color 6-8 weeks. Thanks. I love it, really. Some people at work think I’ve gone crazy for picking out this color, but I was basically born with this color, but more of a Strawberry Blonde. This is “Paint The Town – #44” By Herbal Essences. I put two boxes of dye in it and yet it’s still coming out, I do not understand. Can’t you tell I don’t dye my hair often? ’bout ten years ago I did for the first time, to brown. Well, it came out purple-ish and had a big, round spot on the back of my head of where the dye didn’t take and I had to pull my hair back until I got it fixed. Do you know how embarrassing that is in HS. Bad hair coloring while you’re trying to fit in? Now, I just don’t give a damn of what the negative people have to say. They’re just jealous, I’ve chalked it up to be.

This summer I’m going running, going to work out, get toned and tanned, naturally (with sun block on). I bought a weight lifting machine (well, a weight bench pretty much) and I’m fairly weak right now, in a few weeks I should be stronger if I keep at it.

A few weeks ago, I discovered mold in my apartment. Nasty stuff, really. No wonder I kept getting sick so much. It’s all gone, but this weekend I’m going to go through everything again and check to see if it has returned. If so, going to call my landlords and get it taken care of, the professional way.

I finally bought a wall calendar to mark down my bills and when they’re due ‘n such, instead of relying on my awesome memory. Woo, go semi-organized me.

Chinese Food. Is. The. Shit. I LOVE IT.

And so the drama thickens. I didn’t want to write about this until I felt comfortable doing so. I’m dating someone. I know, broken record, eh? This guy. Yeah, sounds like a keeper. He cleans, cooks, moves furniture, lets me have my “own time”, pampers me, all that… with no complaints. What more could a woman want? 🙂 The weight bench, was his idea, he chipped in. He needs to get his weight down, and I need to ‘beef up’ according to him. 🙂

So, I’ve got the day off and he says I don’t have to clean anything tomorrow, that when he gets off of work, he’ll clean it all up, with my help. I’ll probably start on the dishes though. Can’t necessarily cook breakfast with no clean dishes. 🙂


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