She returns!

Haven’t written in awhile. I want to blame it on all the work I’ve done but in reality, I suppose I haven’t worked all that much, not in like two weeks. Prior to that though, it was Hell on Earth at both jobs. Now, not so much. Just a lot of unneeded drama. The usual.

Heath Ledger was found dead today. So sad, but yet it’s weird. I had a strange feeling about him all weekend but couldn’t pin it down.

My car is feeling better oh as of two-ish weeks ago. There was water in the gas tank. Bad gas cap, perhaps? A mystery. The cap looks like a newer one than what a factory one would appear to be. I could be wrong.

I just feel cheated. $400 down the drain last year all because they didn’t check to see if there was water in the tank. Instead thought I was made of money. Gah, so frustrating. Yeah I know I should be grateful and crap, but damnit, this is so not right. I am so not made of money, and having this credit card is not making me feel any better about my financial situation. Sure, if my car did break down I could afford getting it towed to the mechanic and whatever repair (within reason) and be fine… but still. $3 paid for the water removal. And that was it. Bingo. Done. Thank you big car guys who performed diagnostics on a problem that probably wasn’t a problem in the first place.

I really must read up on car mechanics, so I won’t be used like that again. Or just get a better car. Both, definately both.

Need to get it washed and the wipers replaced… oh and an oil change soon as well. Yay-rah.

I’m such a girl.


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