Let’s Get Retarded

This is from a few days ago, Sunday? I think.

I am utterly exhausted. I have barely enough energy to sit here eating dinner, and type this up before I go to bed way early.

Reasons I’m tired:

Friday 23 NOV 2007 – aka Black Friday. Worked 0430 to 2130. On register the entire day, a couple lunch breaks *kinda* broke up the madness. The network went down three different times, causing us to run manual transactions. Hand-writing every little item down that the customer is buying is shitty. Not to mention that so many things had rebates and couldn’t give them the rebates as they run through the registers. Awesome! I was ready to quit that day.

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 NOV 2007 – Hell. Worked 0600 to 0030. Worked on the paper bags of each cashier. There were primarily two other associates and myself working on the bags. Separating by media type; register; counting each receipt, hoping they’ll match the reports that the store printed up. That everything was accounted for. Not everything was accounted for. It was pure madness. We all were grouchy, tired, aggravated that it was taking us so long just to process one bag that we, okay, I snapped at someone who probably didn’t deserve to be. She knew we were working our asses off in there but decided to plop her fat ass in my chair and talk to someone else. Bitch.

We had brought food in on the table in the room we were working in. Only associates walked by and poked their heads in, in hopes of getting some food. We all told them, “If you aren’t helping, you can’t have food.” They promptly left. I wanted to post a sign on the door that stated it, but eh. Didn’t.

One annoying associate… kept coming in to check the status of everything, as if she was directly involved in what we were doing. She wasn’t. She just goes around cleaning the store, but she always butts in conversations as if she’s the main person. I hate her. Officially. Every few hours, I went to the restroom (had wayyyy too much to drink to stay awake, and the restrooms were basically on the opposite end of the building so I’d pass lots of co-workers along the way) and she asked what was up. I just kept on walking.

On Monday, I apologized to the supervisor who I snapped at.. and we’re on way better terms than ever before. I just hope it lasts. It was such a long ass day… A friend said he was tired yesterday at work. He had the weekend off. I turned around and walked away.. I later told him he had no reason to be tired. None!

Today (tuesday) went better than I had planned/thought. Happy joy. I think what was motivating me is that I have tomorrow off. The whole day. ‘course I have so many things to do, but that’s fine. I won’t be auditing anything. Just cleaning/straightening. My poor apartment has been put on the back burner all week. A bit sad really. I haven’t done my dishes in over a week, so you can imagine what my kitchen looks like. A friend wanted to hang out but I said “not until I get this place cleaned up…” looks as if a tornado went through here. Seriously. I have no dishwasher, so even more fun there.

It’s supposed to be fairly mild tomorrow, more so than any day this week so that’s going for me. Need to do laundry, vacuum the floors, clean my bathroom… and every other room. Need to clear a space for the new Christmas Tree that my step-brother’s family is loaning me. Woo! It’s a never used 6’ fake tree. I can’t wait to decorate the thing. I have just one string of lights and a couple ornaments from Hallmark (duh, where else?). Now I don’t have to decorate my bedroom all Christmassy, just my living room. But where? Yeah, I have no idea either.

Time to take the trash out… weee!

“Let’s Get Retarded” song by Black Eyed Peas… I love it.


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