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My car was in the shop all day long today. Why? It wouldn’t start. I was two hours late to work today dealing with arranging for my car to be towed to the shop and a ride to work. My Dad thankfully was able to take me to the mechanic shop so that I could talk to them myself, explain the situation (without freaking out – yay!) and headed off to work. My manager wasn’t mad at all, just concerned that I’d get my car worked on. She tried to leave the store to pick me up herself, but the store manager refused her to leave. Gah! Would have been faster, I think. I just hate being late. Was late on Saturday morning for almost the same reason. My car would lurch when going 0 to 30 mph, especially when starting off. I thought my car was going to die, right on the road. And that’s what it did, twice, on the same road! Luckily, it was early on Saturday morning so relatively no traffic so I was able to pull off to the side of the road and go over my options. Go to work and hope and pray that it will start again after work long enough to drive to the mechanic or… just drive to my Dad’s (on the way to work) and ask for help. He was home, asleep, but home when I called. I was almost in tears, just upset that I was late for work, and everything. Just mad at myself and my car.

Long story short, it was a bad distributor & cap, and the wiring was going bad (the same wires they replaced around this time last year…) and free towing since they did the repairs AND (yes, AND!) they changed my oil for free, as there was gasoline in the oil. It had to go either way. Man.. All that for slightly under $300. I guess it could have been much worse.

On the drive home though, it was amazing. Normally there was a slight rattle to the engine while idling. Now, just a very ever so slight vibration. I’m so happy! I may just send them a Christmas card this year…

Car.. I promie I will take care of you as if you were a baby. Well, no diapers… but you know.

G’night world.


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