I’m single… again, but was my decision. Or his? Not quite sure really.

My ex thought it would be a great idea to crash at my place to get extra sleep as he was closing and then had to open the following day. I live closer to work and he didn’t want to bother driving all the way home. Then proceeded to not contact me from there on out. He texted me only once, to say that I’ve done nothing wrong to cause the silence, but no explanation why he was so silent. Then I got word from a trusted friend that he was contemplating going back to his ex or possibly starting something new with someone else.

I was done.

It was nearly a week since then when I contacted him one final time, of course there was no answer, and dumped him via voice mail. He’s on vacation, and I don’t know how else to reach him, so I figured that was the best way to go about it. It’s just very frustrating being with someone who’s so indecisive. I mean, I could talk until I turn blue, but he’ll do what he wants in the end. And he doesn’t want me. That’s fine, just tell me. I was just sick of being put on the backburner for what? He had said before that he was going through a lot of stress. Big deal, everyone has stress. I have stress that I don’t like to talk about, ’cause its so damn stressing!

Anyway. I feel better. After the phone call, I then got drunk off of Smirnoff to numb anything that may come my way as far as regret goes.

It just sucks. He was such (and still is) a great guy. Just confused on what he wants. We had a lot of fun times… but I need someone around more than that. And someone who’s confident in himself and won’t leave me in the dark when the shit hits the fan.

That is all.


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