Too early to be awake!

I was up earlier yesterday, but that’s besides the point.

Found someone, not from the internet, or through a friend, it happened by chance and I’m just really happy. It’s funny how much you work with a person and know nothing about them. That’s how we met, at work. He’s been working there for a year longer than me, and is a department supervisor. I recently was promoted from front checkout to Audit. We have just about everything in common. I wish we had met/hung out a long time ago, my social life here wouldn’t seem so bad. 🙂 We’re not going to rush into anything ’cause in the long run you don’t get anywhere.

My long-awaited birthday is coming up in just a few days. Am I excited? Well, I was until I was informed of some bad news regarding all my benefits. I ain’t got none. GREAT! So, if I need to see a doc, it’s out of pocket; take a day or two off, unpaid and counts against me. Lovely. Thanks work, for everything. And I’ve been there for almost 14 months! My boyfriend said not to worry about it, just work through it and it’ll pay off. It better. Eh, sometimes I think karma is working against me…

It gets better… I won’t get qualified for benefits (insurance) until June 2008, and those days back until my anniversary date, late July 2008. Yeah, I was hoping to take a short vacation like two days, to visit my Mom sometime this Fall, and maybe go to a park with my boyfriend out-of-state. Now, I could still go, but money would be tight upon my return and I’d have to schedule it during the dead-times of the work week which would be hard ’cause the shopping season is only going to get busier. Now, if only I could find another job that would allow me to work only one day a week (money wise – that is possible – I don’t care how much it pays, just something). I’m sick of working doubles, and I don’t want to work on my days off with my FT job. I’m gonna have to, I guess if I don’t want to work double shifts.

I’m looking for a cheaper apartment. My Dad has so many “suggestions” it is driving me insane. I… yeah. Won’t go further into that subject.

Breakfast this morning: fried eggs; toast; coffee; and Sierra Mist. Woke up at 0500 with a terrible stomach ache and it still hurts a lot. I’m not nervous about anything, not even with the fact of people from Home Office visiting our store this week at my FT job, that doesn’t scare me. I just hurt, and it sucks. Rather not take anything, but if it doesn’t let up by the time I have to leave in thirty minutes, I will have to. Speaking of which, I need to fix my hair, and look pretty. Ha… no, just decent for work today.

Have a great Wednesday. Almost had to think about that for a second…


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