Oh, fishsticks

Thanks MySpace for being down for updates. Yeah, thanks a lot. How in the world am I supposed to check my messages? This is frustrating.

Just got home from working a double shift, and I’m utterly exhausted. When I stepped into my second job this afternoon, I was greeted not with smiles but gasps. Apparently I had black smudges along my forehead which no one told me as I was leaving my first job. Thanks, people.

I have lost all sense of time. I forget that I need to pay attention to other things besides work/bills/food/myself all the time. Other people are valuable to me too, I need to keep drilling that in my head. I just get so tired from work that I simply forget.

Thankfully I have a few days off from the PT job next month, one falls on my birthday… I feel like such a child for requesting it off, but darnit I think I deserve it, y’know? Its not everyday I can get a day off for myself.

Anyway, I know it’s fairly early but I’m tired, like I said, so off to bed I go. After reading the news…

Have a great Sunday, ya’ll.


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