Not addicted, just a new hobby

Haven’t written in here for a little while, due to my increasing fascination with MySpace. Yeah, I’m one of those people.

I’m off today, which would explain why I’m online and posting this. Usually I’d be at lunch at the moment, avoiding nosy people at work.

The neighbors upstairs are making so much noise, which is unnecessary. I think they’re moving out, but sounds like things are coming out of the boxes and falling on the floor. I’d offer them packing tape, but I find them annoying. I’m a quiet/observant person. They’re the opposite. Do laundry in the wee hours in the morning (allowed during the daytime only); come home stumbling drunk, that sort of thing. I’m the youngest in my building.

Doing laundry at the moment, which now I need to vacuum the floors because, really they need it. Seriously. I’m afraid to let anyone else step into my place it’s that bad. Okay, not that bad, but you know.


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