Let’s be adults here

For some people, they think work is High School all over again. A rumor mill to be exact and everyone must be involved in each other’s personal lives.

I have had so many stupid rumors spread about me this year. I don’t understand. Are people so bored in their lives that they have to make shit up? Apparently.

A part of me want to kick their asses, but that’s a lot of people. A lot. Then the rational part wants nothing to do with it. It’s beneath me and I know that. Sometimes you just have to get even. Or feel that you need to. I’m an adult who knows what she wants in life, and I shouldn’t be persecuted for it.

The girl I mentioned before is still pretty angry at me for telling her the truth. Rather it be late than never. Then again, she never planned on anything backfiring like I did. Plan B is what I call it. From the get-go I wanted more than anything to move in with her into a new apartment. Six months later, I don’t, at all. What changed? Everything. Yes, she may make more than me per month but she isn’t able to live within her means like I do. She has a car, I believe, but in the shop so therefore has no working car. I would be the one driving her everywhere. The apartment we picked out was further away from work than mine is. That makes no sense to me. The whole point to moving away is to be closer to work and everything. Yes, cheaper rent but the complex is based on your income. They take people who are under Section 8 and others who are relatively poor. Now, I’m not judging anyone here, because I’ve been down that road before, but I don’t want to be around others like that, no offense. The complex has just finished being built but we never took a tour of the inside of the apartment so I didn’t want to sign any dotted lines or pay for anything ahead of time. I just don’t have that kind of money to throw away. She expected me to come back the following day to drop off my addtional identification and the deposit/hold money. What the hell? No. This is 50/50 not Nicole pay for everything.

Sorry, ranting.

I had a cup of coffee after work and so I’m wired now. If only I had one this morning I wouldn’t have been so tired working.

She can say all that she wants, but I know the truth. Those who know me well, will see right through her. Hopefully. I’m just done with people like that. She tends to explode whenever crisis hits and I just seperate myself before I say/do anything stupid. She kept texting me so I replied to her and told her to stop contacting me. Turned the phone off.

My Dad goes to church weekly.. and recently one of the sermons stated that there are only two types of people. Those who are just getting out of a crisis; and those who are about to enter one. Amen to that.

And to think that this week was going great. No…


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