Sunset Surf

My internet is going out again like crazy. Was online for a few minutes today, then *poof* went out. Called it in to the office and they sent me from person to person then finally to a “customer care specialist” and arranged an appointment from 2 to 4 tomorrow afternoon. Sound good? Not so fast. I work then. They said that they are booked up until next Tuesday so I have to get the appointment then, or I will resort to canceling my service and switching to something else. This is ridiculous.

Probably the only reason I haven’t blown up yet (imagine that) is from drinking a wine cooler. I’m a lightweight, about two gets me drunk. Working on the first one now, but I had a big dinner and so I don’t feel the effects so quickly.

I don’t know what else to write. There is probably a few more things to mention, but it’s beyond me.

G’night world. (yes, at 2000… been up since 0530. shh)


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