Parting Ways

So… the internet is back. For most of the weekend it was flickering out, on for no more than a few minutes at a time. So frustrating. I even contemplated signing up for dial-up. My friends completely disagreed and told me cable is so well worth it. Only when it’s working.

Lost a friend today. I don’t know if she was ever a friend, though. More of a mooch and used her good looks to get stuff from people. A user, definately. I was going to move in with her this summer, planned it since February but as time went by I realized that it wasn’t going to work. She has no sense of saving money, at least not to keep herself from asking me for money from time to time. Sure, I understand people go through hard times but give me a break. I had surgery in May, but I didn’t go around asking for $1,000 from people. I got a bank loan. It’s mostly paid off (yay!). Another thing that stopped me is that well, we work together in the same building and I just got promoted. So didn’t want the personal stuff to get mixed with the business and while trying to learn new and complex things. No thanks. I live within my means, and if she can’t, that isn’t my problem. There is no way I can move with someone who can’t pay their bills on time.

That’s the same story I dealt with a year or so ago, but in reverse. I was the one who was immature about my money, but the roommate said nothing really to make me change anything. It all changed once I moved home and had to live on everything I made at work. Wow, the real life! Ha. I’m a nerd. I appreciate money now.

That person I mentioned above lives on her own, and has for a few years now. I don’t understand why she can’t pay for her own things to this day. Like the times I hung out with her, shopping for apartments or whatnot, I was the one who drove, and took her to the bank and for lunch. I don’t like driving people around, unless it’s like a destination.. not just for fun. That’s precious gas in my tank, thank you very much.

I’m just too nice to people, and no wonder… they just walk all over me. I’m not too upset about her or any other crap going on because they weren’t all that good for me in the first place. I just stuck around because I don’t like confrontation. Ha, I deal with it O.K. but not a fan of it. I tend to get cold-hearted when it comes to shit like that, and deal with the drama/stress later, like when I’m at home and no one else is around.

At work today, wow.. what a long ass day. I need to stop getting up so early and just shower in the evening.

Must get some dinner. Got home awhile ago and plopped myself at the computer since then. Go me.


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