Welcome to the world, my friend

I have the internet now! It was installed this morning and for an hour and a half I have been zooming everywhere, at least the places I remember. I have the day off amazingly so plenty of time to go visiting.

To update on everything: Won’t be moving out after all. I love my independence too much. Officially single but not looking. So not looking. Got promoted at one of my jobs so working much more than before, and much less at my second job. It evens out, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I am going from no days off to one off per week. This is an achievement. I was planning to change my schedule around at the two jobs so that I could get a day or two off, but the promotion sprang up and changed everything, for the better.

Making more money, therefore I can save more and afford the internet. I signed up for cable only to save me from getting a phone line installed. I just have a cell phone, don’t need anything else. Discovering that I need to upgrade my computer, but that’s further down the road. At my work, we have Mac’s and different styles. Not a fan of the prices.

This summer has been pretty nice, overall. If I don’t count working. šŸ™‚

I have been getting up from 4 to 5 am each morning this week. I must take a short nap. So exhausted. Will write more in a bit.

Have a great Friday!


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