Nelly Furtado rocks

I found a roommate and a new apartment so that means way less money to spend on rent ‘n bills per month and I get someone to talk to! That and I’ll be closer to work, an added bonus.

We’ll have internet and cable tv so hey, even better. Been waiting on to afford the two for awhile now, so I’m real happy.

Working way more than I ever have, and I’m actually having a lot of fun. Seriously. The money is good too. It’s mostly going to the bills but the rest of it: savings.

I love Nelly’s music, so… moving and I listen to it each night and day.

It seems like now a lot of people/guys are checking me out and wanting to date me when I’m flat out not interested. I don’t get it.

Gotta get going home. Have work in the morning ’round 8:30.

Have a safe and lovely weekend ya’ll!


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