Bring on the nice weather

I want to fix a few things that I had posted awhile back. I didn’t learn to drive last summer. Well, sorta. I learned to drive manual/stick shift in about a week. I had driven automatic for ten years prior.

 Anyway, it is Saturday morning, round 9:30 I am at a friend’s house. I spent the night, had way too much Chinese food, drank a little bit and watched a good movie. Later today I will be heading to another friends’ house to pick up a couch then finally I will have a couch at my apartment. So happy!

I officially have a full weekend off next week. I am beyond excited. People keep asking what I’ll be doing. Probably sleeping in, cleaning (because a dwelling can’t be too clean), hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in months, and who knows what. I won’t be visiting either one of my jobs (both are retail) to shop. I may tackle a project I’ve been not wanting to work on for a long time but I have time now.

The weather has improved greatly. I think it is done with snow, I hope.

Well, must get going. Need to eat something for breakfast or lunch or something. Take care.


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