Indiana · Work

What a long strange trip it’s been

Things are good here. Working at my two jobs still, and considering a supervisory position at one, which will bring more money and added responsibility. Livin’ on my own out in the country, but hoping to move to the city this summer, maybe. I’m just tired of having to drive twenty-plus minutes to get anywhere, like work or just to go out with friends.

The internet. I have missed you like I have never missed anything before. Okay, maybe no that much but I have missed you. I miss checking the news and weather (I’m a dork) and updating this journal and as always, talking to people I care about. I still don’t have access but hoping to get it either this spring or summer, depending if I move or not.

I have more friends than before, which is a plus. They’re exactly like me, but better. 🙂 More positive and know how to kick my ass to stay in line, I love them all.

2007  has been a blast so far, and will continue to be as long as I just breathe. I no longer fret about things anymore (a shocker, I know) I just don’t see the point to it. I cut out the bad things in my life: negative experiences as well as people and move on. Simple as that.

Ah well, time to go out with my Dad & step-mom to celebrate his Belated Birthday. I will try to post again soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Thursday

PS: I love Grey’s Anatomy!


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