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This too shall pass. Now would be nice.

LOTS has happened since the last I wrote. Got a car – learned to master the driving aspect of it while blaring the radio up and down the roads; got three jobs, one of which I had to quit because it wasn’t worth the driving distance/gas; got an apartment – out of the way of everything. I’ll give you a picture, it’s past the goat farm (yes, goats) and corn and soybean fields are everywhere. All out of the way of new housing sub-divisions. Which I absolutely love.

Besides that, and working way more than the average 24 year old, I have no life but I am enjoying every moment of it. Why you ask? Well, I am saving money, more than I ever thought I could and using that towards my credit card bills and maintenence of my car, things like that. I can actually afford living on my own. A year ago I couldn’t imagine doing this, by myself.

I have a goal set for myself, which was my Dad’s idea. Once I get one credit card bill paid off, I will get the internet. Until then… expect sporatic updates.

My younger sister is moving off to England in less than two weeks, so I’m going to spend as much time as I can with her, in between my jobs and sleeping that is. 🙂

Well that’s all for now.

Happy Monday.


2 thoughts on “This too shall pass. Now would be nice.

  1. Hey, Nicki, got to your site somehow..not sure really, but wanted to let you know that your writing/style/and insights are fantastic. Don’t have a site myself, but e-mail me sometime if you get a chance, would love to read some more of what you have to say.

  2. Dear Niki. I like the part about living away from the subdevelopments and near a goat farm. I live on an island and there is no where to go, except Seattle. Congratulations on learning to drive, but especially on being self-sufficient. Remember to save some energy to take care of yourself and make at least one goal, a goal that is your own personal self-accomplishment.

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