It’s June, and almost July…

 Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Enjoying the summer I hope.

 I moved here exactly two weeks ago and I have gotten so much done, I’m really proud of myself. The only thing I’m really working on trying to get is a job that pays well and has benefits. After applying at 30+ places around town, I decided I should go on Monster.com and go that route, and I had found at least 11 places that are Full Time and has either high pay per hour or based on salary. Some had benefits listed, so I was pretty happy.

 Two places are giving me the run-around or at least not really returning my calls when they said that they would, etc. I may have to go visit them tomorrow and find out for sure. I understand they get busy but c’mon, if you’re looking for help and there’s people continually bugging you for it, then let them get a job!

 The car sitation is getting better, slowly. I have a car yes, but it’s a Manual. Never drove a manual before so it is quite a challenge. I have a hard time starting to move in First. Down shifting is no problem… but having the car roll forward or backward while you try to figure out the sound/pitch of the engine so that it is a little but not too much and slowly releasing off of the clutch… oh it usually just dies on me or jumps a whole lot then I press harder on the accelerator and it goes, but it is much smoother than it was two days ago. Right now the car has been in the shop since 8:30 this morning. Nothing is wrong with it, just want to make sure that nothing will happen to it as I do learn to drive with it.

 Tomorrow after my interview in the morning hopefully we can practice out by the schools’ parking lots on level ground. Out here on the driveway it’s on a grade and it’s nerve-wracking when it inches forward or backwards. I almost wished it was an automatic but this is really great experience, I mean, we should’ve been taught this long ago, plus I already know how to drive. I can’t imagine learning to drive with that car. I’d totally give up.  It’s a 1989 Toyota Camry, and in really great shape for being 17 years old. There is a little cosmetic rusting going on with the trim, but that’s basically it.

 I haven’t gotten an apartment yet because they require proof of employment (which is obvious) but I can’t get that because I don’t have a job yet, so it’s a “Hurry Up And Wait” game.

 Last night, Veronica and I went running. I swear that girl should be a motivational fitness instructor. She was hard but nice at the same time. We ran/jogged from like the end of our street to the end of the bridge over the Geist Lake (a pretty long distance for me) I took a few seconds to walk which apparently is a “Cardinal Sin” to walk while you’re running because it erases the progress you’ve done. I agree to an extent, but I just need to not get distracted by her or anyone and just run. I do better when no one is talking or whatever.

 Afterwards, we saw William or “Will” on the neighbor’s driveway with some other kid standing beside him. The kid then got into a car that was leaving the house and William said they were going to Steak ‘n Shake. My old hangout… Later on William said that the kid was another kid we used to play with and babysit back a long time ago. Talking like 8 to 10 years ago. He is now 17 and OMG Veronica and I didn’t recognize him at all! He’s a Senior in HS as well as William’s younger sister. I hadn’t seen that other kid in at least six years, so it has been a long time.

 People grow up and it’s hard to accept when you hung around them when they were little kids. It’s too weird if you ask me.

 It’s now 6:34 pm and I’m hungry so I will re-heat some Cheese Ravioli from Olive Garden last night. We went there to celebrate all my accomplishments in a short amount of time. I was given to choice of where to go, and I love that place it is just too expensive for me, so I don’t go anymore. Veronica and I ordered the same thing but different sauce, I had a Peach and Raspberry Iced Tea (quite good -I like to try new things) and for dessert we couldn’t decide on just one or two things so we each got one different thing. I, Lemon Cake (it has some icecream I want to say or some sort of cold cream in it, so it isn’t all cake); Veronica got Tirimisu; Linda, Chocolate Moose Pie (I could be wrong, but I think that was it; Dad, Raspberry Cheesecake. We took small pieces of each and put them on the serving plates so that everyone could have a bit of everything. It was great.

 So the run afterwards was to get rid of the dessert x 4

 Yeah, dinner time. I’m wiped out. I’ll post again later this week. Take care.

 Happy Thursday


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