There is only One! Okay… fifteen.

Got all packed up. All 15 boxes and other things that won't fit in boxes, like furniture and floor lamps. There is only one floor lamp, thankfully.

I got done right before 2 this morning, I was quite suprised. I think I got everything. There are some things I can't take with me. The big/bulky laundry basket (I have another one that collapses so I can put that in my luggage); a computer webcamera/microphone that is only Windows compatible. It won't work with my Mac; two packages of lightbulbs – they will break while moving so why take the risk?; being nice I am leaving two boxes of re-sealable storage bags.

Tonight I get to be cool and sleep out on the couch in the living room. As of tonight I will not have any bed linens of my own, including a pillow. I rock.

**Update: We packed everything we could into storage. It was smaller than I thought but thats okay I guess. I got all my boxed stuff in but was not able to put in my beloved coffee table. I could break it down (unscrew it) but I would need a drill, a regular screw driver would take forever and a hammer. I am NOT going to use a hammer to that thing. So, I am going to sell it to Royal.

I am so tired, I really want to take a nap but I would have to clean off the couch. It has all sorts of Royals' car stuff on it as well as other junk of his from the hallway. Be nice if I had like a couple blankets to curl up on in here, but I have maybe two blankets to use of his. All my blankets/linens are packed away and in storage.

The computer is no longer on the floor. The desk of mine is a drafting table, not typically used as a computer desk -not sturdy- so I won't be takig it with me. I'm leaving a bit behind. A floor lamp (I like because it doesn't lean or anything); this drafting table (it's nice to draw on but its high up as a computer desk); my big dresser; coffee table (GOD I LOVE IT but there is no way I can take it with me. It was $100 and gah, I will miss it.; my chair – it's a simple office chair.  That's about it I believe.

I should go call family and friends to let them know I am moving home and stuff but frankly, napping sounds much better at the moment. I didn't get much sleep at all this week. If only I could sleep past 7 this morning. That would have been awesome! I am so doing that on Wednesday, my next day off. But I will have to do a couple much-needed things. Visit my bank and close my account, withdraw some money beforehand so I have some cash. Arrange with someone who can take me to the airport. That would be so nice but if I have to, I will take the Airporter. I'll just have to figure out how I'd get to the pickup spot, it's a bit aways from here.

I'll post again soon.

Happy Sunday Night


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