Back to Hoosier Land!

I am moving back home to Central Indiana in less than two weeks.

Happy? Yes and no at the same time. No because I have to leave my friends and nice job behind, but life has different changes and challenges so I must take on this next one.

It will be a total life change, when I do move. I may or may not have internet access and when I move into my own place that may not be a possibility. I will literally be living on my own, like within one month. So expect some sporadic entries in here, I won't post like as much as I have been. Though, it isn't much anyway. 🙂

Just wanted to update ya'll because soon I will be leaving this beautiful state. Bremerton and it's rustic feel to everything. It being primarily Navy town for the Shipyards there, it has it's own atomosphere. Seattle and the unique area around the Washington Lake and the Puget Sound. So beautiful in the summer. The Space Needle standing tall among the other buildings surrounding it. It is a pretty cool view on top, I may say. Spokane on the way other side of the state is a little city within itself. I love it there. A perfect size.

I will miss the very tall Evergreen trees, that you see everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. You just can't get away from them. Oh haha, I'll miss passing by the Women's Correctional Facility on SR 3 and getting jokes poked at me for them. They have "DO NOT PICK UP HITCH HIKERS" signs all over. Heh.

I will miss the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. They are so beautiful, breathtaking also. When you can actually see them! In the summer there are snow-capped mountains, it is an awesome sight.

There are no mountains in Indiana. The Appalachian Mountains have NOTHING to compare to the ones out here. They're like bunny hills.  Just cornfields and lots of them. When I moved away there were everywhere, now so I've heard, not to so much. A lot of people have moved out of the big cities and into the small towns. Including my town. It's sickening. Yeah, more people meaning more revenue, but what about the small-town feel? It's gone. I may have to travel elsewhere to find that in Indiana. Maybe in the Amish country. I am not kidding… I have been telling people that once I see a cornfield I will know I am home. A friend said that I'll have to keep lookin'. Haha, thanks!

Royal got an offer to live in a house with a friend yesterday but the move in part won't happen until July, so plenty of time there. I have been telling him to start packing up the things he doesn't use now. He says, "Nicki, I have a month, I have so much time, it is okay." Yeah…right. If I had a month to plan and pack up for my move, I'd start on the first day. The more you get done in the beginning, the more time you have for yourself.

I need to arrange with a work friend who has a truck so I can move my heavy bed to storage. I will ask her today at work if that is possible. Here's the thing. It won't be a simple, let's get everything packed up and put it in the moving truck and it's done. No, it's more like this: I will need to pack up the things I don't plan on seeing for a couple of weeks to be put into storage, Chuck's storage unit only like a block from me.

I will be moving with Chuck, at least some of my things will be. On Sunday 28 May he called my Dad to ask to see if I am wanting to move to Indiana with him (we're both from the same area) and for my Dad to call me and ask me that. So that's how it all started. I at first was like, "no… there is no way, I don't have enough advance warning to end my job no time to pack, that sort of thing. Turns out I will be flying, he will be driving. I can carry some luggage with me for the flight, which I will. Chuck offered to keep some of my valuables and other things I can't live w/o (like other things I will need but can't put into storage and wait a few weeks until I see them again). He recently was seperated from the US Navy and are doing a free move for him, so he offered for me to come along, for free as well. All I need to do is set up the flight time and date (which I did) and setup the time to put the things into storage and I think I'm all done for him.

On Tuesday 30 May I put in my 13 day notice. Not technically two week but since we're scheduled all the way up to the 10th, I figured that should be fine to be my last day. My manager approved, but he was sad to learn I am leaving. I hope they get enough people to cover up for me and two other ladies' that left.

I was supposed to run for the Race For The Cure – yeah, not anymore. I called the manager of another store, she's the head of our store family and told her about my move and that I will have to cancel it, as I am moving three days before the race. I felt so bad but that's life. She said she'll try to give me my shirt anyway. How nice of her.

Alright, I need to go get ready for work. I may post more tonight after work but then again I might just get back to packing too.

Happy Thursday


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