Tom Is My Only Friend

Good thing I had posted that I would be taking a tiny little vacation away from posting as our internet went out for a few days. It came back on last night but, hey I'm happy.

At work, I'm not so happy. We lost one young woman, she got fired. Another is taking a leave of absence to take care of her granddaughter over the summer, we had one elderly-ish lady quit a week ago (due to medical, but she was in the retirement age anyway, no harm against her). It's been a never-ending wave of people leaving. I did something not so good, so basically if I screw up again, I'm gone as well. I think the only reason he didn't fire me today, is because he can't afford to. We're hiring by the way! I can't say I'm really suprised about the lady getting fired. I mean, she couldn't seperate her personal life from work, very well if at all. Apparently a customer complained about she said or did something. I'm still not quite sure what she did, but it was bad enough to get canned, I'd say it would be pretty bad.

I am forcing myself to get up at 8:30 each and every morning for now on. Unless of course it's my weekend, then that's different, but you know. My mom had a great idea there. Back when I lived with her, she had me wake up no later than that time, and even if I woke up a minute later (how she knew is beyond me) I was "grounded." Well, not grounded per-say, but I couldn't go online that day. I was punished if I slept in. I was 22 and 23 then. Insane, but she did have a good idea, none-the-less. The reason I bring this up is that this morning I woke up late. I normally wake up like three hours before I need to be at work. I didn't set my alarm on my phone – because I thought it was already set, but it was set to a One-Time only alarm. Oops. Tonight, I'm going to set my real-authentic alarm clock! So I can't simply press a button on the cell and it'll bug me later. On the alarm, I have to get up as it's across the room. Sneaky, sneaky me.

I thought I was killing a spider that was hanging out on the entry wall in Royal's bedroom but when I got a closer look, it was already squished, stuck to the wall. Nice. I grabbed it with a couple tissues and flushed it down the toilet. Sick.

I'm down to one can of Dr. Pepper Berries 'n Cream. It's sitting in the fridge and I'm tempted to drink it now, but I'll just wait for tomorrow night. I have Friday and Saturday off, so sometime then I'll get more, or something. I am just not in a shopping/spending money type of mood. I have set out a budget already, on a typical month earning X of money, it's just an average but eh. It's so hard! I think I'll have to make two additional budgets with the lowest, Worst Case Scenario montly budget and then the highest Hit The Jackpot one. I'm kidding. If I really hit the jackpot, I'd pay off my credit cards and pay Royal back for everything: my bed; car; cell phone; everything.. Then save the rest. I'd keep working though. If I didn't, I would be tempted to blow it all on crap I didn't need.

Then again, I don't know how I would hit the jackpot as I don't play the lottery or go to casinos. Maybe if some real nice customer who really liked my service, handed me over a winning ticket, I would honestly probably hand it back. I need that money, yes, but it isn't a moral/right thing to do. I'm too stubborn for my own good.

I don't know what else to write, but knowing me I will post more again soon.

Happy Thursday


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