I’m a Clean Freak

I did lots of cleaning yesterday… more than I should have probably because now I'm just not tired, at all.

I have some good news! Got paid from my work and also IRS Refund came in as well! Very happy. Was able to pay Royal the rent and other bills all at once. I was hoping I didn't have to space it out again.

On other matters, I am gaining more weight. Up to 116 now. Also, I haven't been this happy.. content-wise in such a long time. I think a week ago I had a breakdown, only because well.. I'm used to being around family or close loved-ones during Easter and this year didn't quite work that way. I did go to a friends' house that afternoon and had an unconventional Easter Lunch, but it  was really fun. She's actually my ex's old landlord. She and her husband came into my work last month and I mistook her for one of my usual customers until I saw her husband, then it all made sense. Before that, the last time I saw her was August of last year, so a lot of time had passed. She also told me she's pregnant! I'm happy for her. So, when I got to her house, her new dog greeted me, "Hershey" a Shit-Zu (sp?) three years old but very social and affectionate. She has to be near someone at all times. Very cute. I even picked her up a few times, she loved it.

This week has been kinda up-and-down. I don't know how else to describe it. Maybe it's the weather or something. Easter we had hail, and lots of rain. Yesterday it was into the 60's and overcast but some sun. Monday it's supposed to get near 70 and sunny. I can't wait, as I have that day off.

I did more straightening in my bedroom and put up the bulletin board that's been leaning against the wall since we moved in. I hope the darn thing doesn't fall, but if it does, it will just land and fall over the bookshelf.

Well, I keep reading online and in magazines that's its very bad to go out sunbathing to get tan and stuff. That the first five times you get burnt, increase your chances of getting some form of skin cancer. Well if that's true, I'm screwed. I do have this lotion from last year… but it gradually makes you look tan, smells like crap though, and it doesn't have any SPF in it, so I'd still have to put some on. I don't want to take any chances. I have already gotten skin poisoning at the age of twelve, so no thanks, cancer.

At work, we're getting ready for Mother's Day. It's May 14th people! Well, after Valentine's Day and Easter, I'm honestly sick of holidays, really. No more, call 'em off. But that can't happen at my work, no no. I "stripped" (de-bagged) all the Mother's Day cards on Wednesday, so when I got home I saw I had been covered in glitter from head to.. toe just about, and a dozen papercuts on my fingers. Not fun.

Well, it's nearing er, after 2am, so I must get to bed.

Happy Friday.


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