Tired, so tired

It's 7:27 am as I write this. I just can't get back to sleep. I hope that after the bowl of oatmeal will tell my brain to shut everything off and get sleepy again. It's like when the roommate gets ready for work, I just immediately wake up. No matter if I'm in deep sleep or not, it's just my reaction. All I hear is his alarm then later the door once he leaves. I need to do something about this. No wonder I'm so cranky – I don't get more than four hours of continuous sleep.

I got my Alabama tax refund in the mail yesterday. How friggin' cool! Hopefully the Federal won't be too far behind, that money will really help me out.

I added an entry in here a few days ago and it was deleted, but I didn't delete it. I didn't save the entry via EditPad otherwise I would have just posted it again. Go me.

Well, life for me has gotten a bit better. I think. People still ask me how everything is going, since I'm not dating and honestly – it's kinda nice. Not being tied down to anyone, don't have to answer to anyone.

Scary Movie 4: was not that funny as they expected it to be. They showed all the funny scenes in the previews! I'm disappointed.

Ah well, getting a little sleepy. Will write more later.

Happy Tuesday.


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