Get Off Yo’ Ass

My cellphone alarm has been on the fritz lately. Yesterday morning I had it set for ten, but around 7 it started to beep. Thinking it was just part of my imagination, I ignored it. Five minutes later, beeped again. Basically, every five minutes it went off.

Also yesterday at work, I managed to "build" two sets of shelving units by myself, within three hours. Talk about talented. Last Friday it took me five hours just to do one. Practice makes perfect.

Today, I didn't do much. Okay, I take that back. I slept in far too late (but it was my day off, so it's allowed). I had trouble falling asleep earlier in the morning. I mean, I was tired as hell but my body wouldn't get comfortable. I'm all achy still from work this week. I'm assuming that's the reason. I managed to visit Old Navy and buy a pair of khaki replacement pants and two cami-under shirts. They had a great deal on them, and I needed to replace the ones I currently have as they were starting to shrink. I ventured over to the mall yes…even on my off day.. and stopped by the movie store to pick up "Crash" – which I haven't seen yet, heard nothing but great things about it. Stopped in work next, to see a friend, and to see if she's available after work tonight.. to go see Ice Age 2. Luckily I came in there because she said she has this big report to do, and won't be able to do anything "fun" she said. Aw, poor girl.

Dorea, thank you! Thank you for the thank-you card. Haha I loved it! I was like, "OMG I got mail!" I never get mail. Even the junk mail isn't to me, it's to the roomie. Not fair.

So the daylight savings time starts tomorrow at 2am? It blows. Especially since Indiana is now joining the rest of the country. (AZ and HI are not part of it, though). I'm not to happy with it. Why? Well, when we normally sprang forward, we'd be only two hours behind Indiana. Now that they're going to be perpetually Eastern Standard Time, it will always be three hours difference. Gah, it SUCKS! I went ahead and changed the time on my regular radio alarm clock, but the cellphone and computer haven't changed. They won't until I turn on the PC in the morning to check email, and when 2am rolls around, the cell will adjust. As I type this, it's 10:34 but it's really 11:34. I basically lost an hour of sleep. Thanks, bastards.

I have been drinking water like crazy and yet my hands are still cracked (and at work they bleed, really gross). I can't get them to heal.

Suprisingly I haven't done any tricks today, it being April Fools' Day. So pathetic.

I wish people would have some manners. Like drivers. Mind the right of way… LOOK AROUND. God like everyone drivers and people walking in the mall, about ran right into me. Was I invisible? I guess so.

I hate Saturdays.


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