Long entry, eh?

I have three comments on hold/moderation. They're from people who a: don't really know what went on and is going on hearsay, b: I'd rather not just post the other one..

I don't know why my life has been turned into a soap opera. Thanks Brian, for saying that. You suck. :p

I really need to get back to bed. My hours have been increased this week, from yesterday. A co-worker-friend's dad was involved in a serious car accident. The kind where we don't know if he's going to make it. So, we all pitched in our free time (I had only three hours to spare, as I'm now up to 39 hrs this week) and are making it work, schedule wise. She's travelling to IL to be with her family. I hope that her dad will make it, and be alright. Go ahead and pray for her and family… I know I'll be thinking about them.

The taxes – heh. I kinda didn't read the AL one completely, but I'll be OK. Just need to make an additional copy of my Federal tax form and include that with the AL one. Good thing I hadn't sent it in already.

I have been waking up at the oddest hours lately. 4 am and 6 am – when Royal gets up. I hear his alarm and I think it's mine so I "turn mine off" (even though it won't alarm for a few more hours) and start up my getting-ready-for-work process. Then I realize it's still somewhat dark out and laugh at myself as I go back to bed. Then I lie in bed for a minute and my stomach rumbles. I hate being hungry, when I am tired because all I want to do is sleep. Hunger keeps me from sleeping.

Wendy's Baked Potato Time.

I find it kinda funny when I created my first online journal via Diaryland about six years ago and everyone (my non computer tech friends/so, like everyone else) made fun of me, thought it was strange to have bits and pieces of my life posted for all to see. Like it's a diary, but public = bad. Now, everyone is doing it! So sad. It's like… I know HTML and all (probably more than the average computer user) but yet I still have no idea what I'm doing with MySpace. Yes, I joined the bandwagon and created an account last year I think. I haven't done much to it. There is a "blog" section on there. I have enough journals as it is, thank you very much. People who know me, know where to go to read about my life. I don't need yet another one.

Royal and I were talking about the current events in my room last night. We first discussed (or he did) about the upcoming game of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) on Saturday. It's going to be "different" he said. Ha. Anyway, the topic veered onto the Seattle/Capitol Hill Massacre, where six people died and the shooter killed himself when police arrived. A 14-year old girl (GIRL!) was shot and killed. What I don't get is why she was there in the first place. Apparently the father dropped her off at some kind of party, knowing that she'll be attending the after-party at that house. Knowing that there will be older teens and adults present. Not quite "parent material adults" I'm talking the party-goer adults. Royal said there's no problem why she shouldn't have gone. My stance is that she's too young! At 14 I wasn't thinking about parties like that. At 14 I had small parties at my own house, where they didn't involve..the goth scene. I'm probably going to get bunch of hits for the "goth scene" crap but frankly I don't care. The goth people said they are afraid that society will try to separate them from all this. Like, try to stop it all from just one accident happened. Clearly, it wasn't an accident. The guy had this all planned out. It's easy for me to say that the 14 year old should not have been there, but who knows. It's just aggrivating to read in the news because any sane parent would not have let their young daughter out there… Thats all I have to say about that.

I do though, feel sorry for everyone it had affected. I cannot imagine losing a sister/brother/son/daughter… but all I have to say is that I'm sorry it had happened.

I have noticed that whenever tragedy strikes, I am unaffected. My adrenaline kicks in and I feel a bit in shock, but not saddened instantly like other people get. Like a delayed reaction, I'd say. The shooting felt like it was my family who was shot. It's strange. Things that don't directly affect me, it's like a wave of emotion. Those that are directly at me, "eh, whatever" is my attitude. Not like I don't care or anything, because I do, it's just strange. I don't know how else to explain it.

I won't be going into Yahoo Chat that much for a bit. It's just driving me nuts. There's a few people who get under my skin. I don't like their personality and they're just very sick-minded/vulgar/mean overall. I like positive people, people!

Lately I have been asked by a few co-workers on how my living situation is now after the breakup. People, it's OKAY! Though, I do need to talk to him about the kitchen. Apparently he has a phobia or something…for dirty dishes… doesn't like to stick them in the DW after he's done… or anything. Nor do I, but I make sure they're cleaned off and stacked neatly in the sink. I just want them to be cleaned off. No food gunk stuck to the things, alright? That's all I ask.

Now I know how Mom felt all those years…

And just for the record: I am not depressed. A friend called and said she was concerned because she heard it from someone else. Sorry to disappoint, but alas I am not. Just stuck in a rut was/is all.

I also recently brought back up my homepage/site that I've had for years and years and years… I really need to fix up that thing. Delete old pictures (not from the account, just the site), add some newish ones, add a short bio about myself, that sort of stuff.

It's kinda fun working with the newest employee. She's like a sponge, picks up on everything very quickly and she likes/LOVES to stay busy. I found out why. She used to be in the Military, Navy. That makes sense. She loves to clean.. to stay organized, eats incredibly fast (I'm jealous..); gets her duties done fairly quickly also. I tend to drag mine out so that I won't be bored before we close. But she always finds something to do. Even if it is talking.

Wendy's sour cream & chive baked potato and flat Dr. Pepper. Breakfast of champions. 🙂

Alright. Going on 7:30 am. Must go back to bed. Have to get up in..ekk, three hours!


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