On Cloud Nine

I really want is to sleep comfortably in my NEW BED! Yes, it finally arrived today, three days late, but hey it’s here! This Friday I’ll get help to put the frame together, but otherwise, it’s all here.

I tore up my index and middle finger of my left hand today from tying balloons. I did approx 14 today, of the 20 I blew up yesterday. I had to replace them as they had already wilted. The problem lied in the Hi-Float gel that’s supposed to keep the balloon afloat for 3+ days. Well, I thought I was putting gel inside the balloons, but I really wasn’t. I felt some come in, but in reality, the spout was plugged, so I just felt the pressure of the already hard-gel that was in the opening. Oops. So I totally killed my fingers. I hate balloons now.

Yeah, go and bang your finger against the wall, and hope it doesn’t gush blood. Lovely.

Alright, I made up the bed. It’s a strange looking mattress. I am too tired to form any thoughts, so I’m off to bed.

Happy Thursday.


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