Girls Like Pink

I discovered Mary Kay officially earlier this afternoon when I went to meet the Director of the area/county (I think). This woman is only twenty-five and is a Director! That’s just amazing. I also met up with the consultant I had a facial thing from her last night. Anyway, it was all for getting to know the company. I’m interested in joining the ranks, and it seems very…exciting to me. I still need to save my money and whatnot, but I told them I’ll get in touch with them soon.

My cold is going away, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I misplaced the Benadryl that usually knocks out my sneezing problem and just took a bit of the Nyquil cough syrup instead. Hopefully it’ll kick in soon and I won’t be up all hours of the night wondering why I am not asleep. Like I was last night.

The bedroom furniture (fancy word, but all it is: mattress/box spring and bed frame) arrives tomorrow afternoon. THANK GOD! It’s mine, and it’s good because I’m tired of sleeping in the living room on Royal’s futon. Yes, it’s a bed sorta, but not very comfortable. He has been sleeping on the couch in the living room. Once I get my bed, he can move the futon to his room and use that. The dining room table also arrives with it. It’s not a big thing, it is a smallish round table with four chairs. He picked it out.

I need to straighten this room up more so that they can bring the bed and frame in here, so I must get cracking.


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