And We All Fall Down

I’m awake at this crazy hour (0148) because I cannot get tired. I mean, I’m tired, but not enough to sleep. Soon I’ll post this and start writing or reading – that usually does the trick.

A few days ago I thought my allergies were just hitting pretty hard, but it really was the start of the nasty cold that’s still working it’s way around here. Third time this year getting this crap. Oh man, that’s once per month. Lovely. Up the Vitamin C, bartender! I probably contracted it while at work, you know, working retail we are in contact with every single germ known to man. Thanks customers. That’s really nice of you.

We got the computers (yes, on Monday, Royal got a new PC/state-of-the-art) networked together. And I’ve got to say something. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The Router had a CD installer thingy, that took you step by step of what to do. It was great! Anyone can do it, really.

I’m still a bit confused on what transpired on Tuesday [the breakup] but there’s really no sense of bringing it up, since I’m OK with the result. I say OK like that because, I am okay with it, not because it’s a grand idea or anything. I don’t want to seem like I’m happy we broke things off. I’m not really sad either, just confused.

And really hungry. Very hungry. Already brushed my teeth… but a banana couldn’t hurt, right? After all it is healthy.

I started my addiction to the Mocha Bianca flavored coffee at Fraiche Cup last Sunday morning with a co-worker. This morning before the store opens, I must go down there and get me some more of that great stuff. It’s white chocolate, not the regular mocha one. Mmm mmm mmm! Today I open and close with a new employee and the manager. Fun. Hopefully it won’t be dreadfully slow like it was on Friday.

Last night, walking back to the apartment on my last run to get the groceries from the car, I was walking down the steps (there’s seven) and miscounted, and on the sixth step the toe of my left shoe dragged on the step just enough for me to cascade down the stairs. well, landing I should say. I landed right on my left knee. I didn’t realize I had anything hurt until I sat down, oh five minutes later. It didn’t look that bad, really but instantly after I saw it, it hurt so bad. Strong shooting pain throbbed at my kneecap. Nice. So now it’s bandaged up with two bandaids. When I got ready for bed, I noticed bruises were forming. In the morning before work I may have to wrap it up. Wait, no. If there’s bruises then that would be a bad thing to do.

Sorry everyone (Emily and Dad) for not calling you back! I totally forgot about the time difference.. I can’t wait till Daylight Savings Time begins, so I’ll just be two hours behind rather than three. Hopefully this morning/afternoon I can call.

Tonight I have a meeting with a Mary Kay representative, for a free facial. I volunteered Royal for it too, after all, guy’s need pampering too. Haha. He isn’t thrilled.

Oh, when I fell down the stairs, all the groceries fell also. I was lucky the eggs didn’t get smashed. My Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper wasn’t so lucky. 2 of 12 cans started to burst/leak. I wasn’t happy. Royal’s Coke was untouched. Go figure.

I hope the techies at WordPress figure out what they’re doing. I’d like to know my blog stats one of these days.

Well, I’m off to organize/read/write… to get tired. I work in 7:51 hours

Happy Sunday.


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