Smile Like You Mean It

Work has been a blast so far. Each and everyday I tend to enjoy it even more, even with the slight setbacks with my personal life, I’m able to seperate them with ease. It’s amazing. If only I could keep that carefree attitude when I’m at home. Then I’d be set.

I have Monday and Tuesday off (yay!) so we actually have lots of time to unpack more things and move the furniture around. It looks like there was an explosion in the living room. Lots of fun. The kitchen is pretty much in order, just need to fix the cabinets. Some shelves are losing some of it’s support brackets and the maintenence guy said he’d replace them if we could weight the shelves down so he can remove it. That kinda beats the point of paying rent (it isn’t a cheapie by any means), but oh well. The washer and dryer are actual large capacity units, unlike at most apartment complexes. The dryer is a load of fun! The heat setting knob broke off on Wednesday when I tried setting it to a lower heat setting. So I figured it would be O.K. if I still ran the thing with my work clothes inside. Turns out that it’s set on fluff air, not heat. The guy is supposed to return Monday to replace the knob and fix the heat. I hope it works ’cause I really need to wash some of my clothes. I’ve got my room all set up, just need to go through some more bins-o-stuff and put it all away. Had no room in the living for the coffee table when the guys moved the furniture in, so they stuck it in my room. My computer is sitting on it – I use it as stereo as Royal has no music on his computer. Man oh man. Windows sucks! Sorry, but it’s the truth. I thank Chuck for making me see the light of Mac’s.

I called my oldest half-sister on Wednesday. It’s been literally months since I last talked to her, and it’s only from some greeting cards I’ve been sending her that she knows I had wanted to talk to her again. I unfortunately won’t be able to call this weekend as I’m working yet another Sunday (been working Sunday’s since last month) so I’ll have to call her on my weekend. Sure, means peak time but then I’ll be able to get her email address so it won’t cost an arm and a leg to talk to her.

The car situation: As I said before, sticking with the Cavalier, which Royal isn’t very fond of it as it has no power locks/windows, but that’s just fine for me. Luckily for me, the payments are affordable. I will have to get a second job though, as we’re getting some new people at work = less hours for me.

Man, I really need to get to sleep, but I am just not tired. Have to be up by 8:30 to be at work at  10.Thank god for Sundays. Getting off at 6:30.


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