A couple days rolled into one post

It’s going on midnight as I write this.

I’m glad that Friday is almost over with.

Work: Went O.K. sorta. Had my Semi-Annual Performance Review and I’m not that pleased with it, but everyone has room for improvement.

Home: The place is still very much in disarray, but I have Monday and Tuesday off so that we can finally situate everything, also including to buy a cheap bed/futon for my bedroom (I hope). I need to also let everyone know that I do have the internet, including email now. I won’t be online as much as I used to be, as we’re only hooked up to one computer, we have to share. Share, what’s that?

Car Thing: Got the Cavalier all set and ready to go, going to stick with that one than the Neon. Granted, the Neon is much nicer all-around, but the Cavalier is cheaper, and it isn’t that old, only two years. I had to drive his SUV today to and from work. I didn’t like driving it, especially around the curves of the road, and making turns. Felt like I was too high up in the air. I never drove anything besides a car before. Different, much different. I’ll stick to cars for now on.

I so need to work on my stress management. A few days ago I just totally crashed and burned. Did not want to be told to “calm down and shut up.”  I guess I just need another way to vent, in a healthy way.

Ah well, I’m wiped out from work and everything. I need to call a local tax preparing agency in the morning. There’s no way I can do them on my own. I have too many things involved. Multiple W-2’s, taxes for not only WA and Federal, but also for AL. Lovely.


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