Why work when you can procrastinate now?

We really didn’t get a lot done Saturday.

We went to one apartment complex, which Royal went ahead and signed the application junk this afternoon because thats when I was able to give him my info (I was at work earlier today). Overall, we’d be paying less there than if we stayed here. Yes, the monthly rent is just five bucks more than here, but you have to pay for the water and sewer here, unlike the other place where it’s included in the rent. Woo!

I still need to pack things I don’t need to use. We’ve got a move-in date, though it isn’t definate since we don’t know if we got approved for the apartment yet. We won’t know for another day or two.

Which sucks because on Tuesday we’ll be out of town. I didn’t mention it… at all beforehand since well, I was afraid of how others would react, but I’m tired of hiding everything. Sick Of It. Royal is scared about the drive to the airport, so all weekend we had planned to do a test/dry run to it during the daytime so we’d know where to park and stuff. Well, doesn’t look like we can do that now, unless for some lucky moment we can get it squeezed in for tomorrow, and even that’s slim. We may just have to leave early from the apt for the flight, I’m talking really, really early.

By the time we get back from the trip, the power; internet; cable (even though I have no TV to watch…TV) will be gone so maybe we can arrange something tomorrow to get it switched back on. I hope.

The budget? Ha, yeah still need to draw that thing out. I give Kudos to my Dad for helping me give an example for it, because I wouldn’t know what to do. I mean, I know what my expenses are but to also include entertainment; clothing (which it’s rare when I shop for clothes); and food (that should be a no-brainer, but we’re talking about Nicki here) in the budget was a little more information I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks, Dad. 🙂

I don’t like kids who don’t have any manners what-so-ever. Hallmark isn’t a playground. Our stuffed animals are not toys for you to play catch with. Get the hell out! That goes for their parents too.

I’m done complaining.

The new Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla is pretty damn good. Better than I thought it would be. You normally wouldn’t catch me drinking Coke, but this flavor is really nice. Doesn’t really taste like Coke all that much. I’m more of a Pepsi fan.

Aside from the packing for the move we’ve got to do, we also need to pack for the trip. I’m usually mostly done packing two days before any such trip, but not this time folks. I will probably forget something – I always do. I just hope it won’t be something important like, say, a hairbrush or a toothbrush, or my cell phone. That would suck.

And it’s a direct flight. Never took one of those before, I’m used to taking a ton of connections before getting to my destination. I can’t imagine spending 3+ hrs +/- min on a plane, in a seat FOR THAT LONG. I tend to get restless, even during a long car ride. I have to move my legs or take my shoes off and get comfy. I can’t just sit in one position for that long and expect everything to be honky-dory.

On the positive side, I’m traveling with someone whom I know pretty well, and I like him so it won’t be like traveling with a kid or something. Not saying kids are bad, but they are annoying, and especially after an hour of sitting in one position for that long. Wouldn’t you be? I usually travel by myself so this will be something new.

The Ex’s car is still here. Get it and never return! Gah. I don’t know. I’m just mad it’s still here.

So yes, we’ll be gone for a week, I can’t do anymore than that (I would LOVE it to be longer) but I’d be losing even more money by not working. They’re already piling on the hours once I return and I’m pretty happy about that. Going from 19 hrs/wk to 24. Awesome! Granted, it wasn’t like during Christmas when I worked 39.5/wk but oh well, I’ll take what I can. I asked for at least thirty, and he said he could do that, but of course once I’m back for a full week’s worth of work. Yay.

I might update again sometime tomorrow, but don’t count on it as we’ve got a lot of things to do. Like… Royal needs to get his LES or some sort of military statement to the new apt complex (I think, but I could be wrong); come back home to pick me up so I can sign the application paperwork for the new complex; drop me off home again; Royal to go to the base to *hopefully* print out this parking voucher so we can leave his car at the airport while we’re gone; while I’m at home, need to call Walmart for my W-2 statements (If I haven’t done so already)/clean the apt/pack my trip stuff/if I have time, pack up other things I don’t need/find out about the power situation for when we return, we will have electricity; send out mail that’s not ours (came in with the wrong name, sort of thing); do bills… then if we have time, go to Walmart to get more plates and the airport to know where the hell we have to go at oh, 2am Tuesday.

I’m not really tired, to be honest, but I need to try to sleep. I’ll be hanging out somewhere online, probably the About.com Forums because I am bored.


2 thoughts on “Why work when you can procrastinate now?

  1. I got your b-day card – thanks a bunch! I can’t wait until you get ZEE INTERNETS. 😀 *huggle*

    Hey, Irish Boy and I may be going to Seattle for Spring Break. How close are you to Seattle? If it’s en route, we can stop in and see you, if you want. Let me know!!

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