So much to do, so little time

In a few days I can forget all about this drama for a bit. Too bad we can’t just fly off to Hawaii like Katherine did, a co-worker of mine. She’s all tan now. I’m so jealous.

It’s very different but nice being around someone who actually cares for once. I mean, last night after work, Royal was driving towards home and I asked him if he went to the store to get some milk (we were out). He said no, so off we go to Safeway… Anyway, about a dozen items later, we finally check out. Yeah, need to make a list or actually stick to what we were originally going to get. No more hunger shopping. I wasn’t even hungry, just very thirsty.

He’s a very nice person, nothing like the ex. Though, he does tell me when I’m overdoing something, like talking about the ex and the drama crap.

Wow, it’s getting late. Didn’t even realize how late it was until now. Go me.

We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. I need to call Walmart and get my W2 tax stuff mailed to me; shop around for available apartments in the cheap (but not too cheap) range; figure out when to move in if we find one; arrange extras like Cable TV (probably basic as it’s the cheapest), internet, and the like; clean up the apartment! – but first need to assemble the vacuum or we can’t vacuum; pack up things I don’t really need to use; email the ex (but nothing bad, tempting, but I won’t. There’s some stuff he left here and some mail arrived for him yesterday); draw out my budget or at least attempt to; call family and friends using my snazzy new cell phone… that’s it for now.

It’s bloody freezing in here, as always even though I’m wearing fleece PJ’s and a Performance Fleece sweater. Brr!

Happy Saturday.


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