Wake up slow..ain’t no need to go outside

While listening to these new songs I got, I did something quite productive: cleaned the roommate’s/Royal’s/my newish bathroom. It was an utter disaster. But what can you expect from a single guy? Yeah, not much. It was so bad that you couldn’t open the door even halfway. Yeah. So now it’s all clean, enough for me to take a shower and not go “eek!” for any reason. It’s great.

And I decorated it too. Well, I didn’t add anything new. The ex had put out all my bathroom stuff into the living room last night, so I had no choice but to “move” to the other bathroom. I’m so leaving out some info, but oh well. It’s safe in my head.

I still feel like I have to protect my entries from others. I do lock certain entries for obvious reasons, but even now, that this one isn’t, I sill have to keep myself from letting it all hang out and that’s irritating. I guess within time, I can share my thoughts with everyone, and finally let myself be Nicki.

After three days of not working, I have to go back today and do I really want to? No, but I need to as I’m getting nineteen hours this week. I put in a request to get more hours, but it won’t go in effect for at least two weeks.

Sometime tomorrow, Royal and I are going to the NEX (Commissary) to get much-needed groceries. Hopefully he’ll let me pay him back for my part of food, he didn’t last time.

Alright, must clean my makeshift room… It’s lookin’ bad.

Happy Tuesday.


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