Change is good

I got some more songs via Acquistion on my Mac. I got me some Jack Johnson; Gavin DeGraw; Howie Day. I never thought I would like the other not-so-known songs of theirs, but thanks to a co-worker I closed with last night, she had brought those CD’s into work and just listened to them all night. It was great, way better than Phil Collins.

So today is what, Day 27 of the 2006 Monsoon in or around Seattle, WA? God. C’mon blue skies, come over here! I know that Oklahoma needs rain. Rain Gods, please send our rain to them. I don’t care, snow could fall here, just get rid of the rain already. It’s kinda funny at first though, the local weather people going insane about all the rain. Granted it has rained three times the amount we should be getting in an almost 4 week period, but give me a break. Some weather people stood out in the flooded roads to show the viewers how much it has rained. Duh, out in the cornfields it will flood as it’s flat land and usually below sea-level (or something). It just makes me mad. Some customers of ours have compared our rain to the crap that happened during Hurricane Katrina. Oooo.. that made me very angry. I didn’t say a word because I probably wouldn’t have stopped. That’s very low to compare what we have (just rain) to a huge storm. Hell, it doesn’t storm here either.

Retarded Washingtonians.

There’s always some sort of bird that irritates the crap out of me each and every morning. Usually it’s a woodpecker but this morning it was a very loud, screeching bird. Oh god, I’m like put it out of it’s misery already.

I have a ton of stuff to do today, but I don’t know if I’ll get to it as most of will result in loud noises/bangs and the roommate is asleep in his room. I’d rather not wake him up. I need to re-arrange the furniture in here so I have more privacy when I sleep and well, it’s good to change the things around anyway, to have some sort of feeling of newness in here. Change is good. That and vacuum. The floor in here is screaming for help, but before I can do any of that, I need to sort my bins-o-crap and put away what I don’t need (like summer clothing) and put it in the storage closet on the balcony. Somehow fix the 2-drawer thingy I messed up halfway through putting it together. I still don’t know what happened. I’ll have to disassemble most if not all of it to figure it out I guess. Also I need to do the dishes, at least load the DW and wash the stuff that can’t be put in. I am usually pretty good in that area, but not so much lately.

I also need to write out a budget and actually stick to it. I’m kinda afraid what it may reveal. I also don’t want to base it on the monthly pay I get this month as January is the lowest paying month in the history of ever… because it’s basically nothing compared to December. At least as far as retail goes. *shakes fist* I may just add up what I’ve earned and average it out, maybe. That might just work.

Yeah, I woke up late today. I’m talking ’round 1300 (1 pm for you non-military time people). Eek! I know, late. 13 hours I slept, that’s a LONG time. I need to start getting up at a normal time, at least after eight hours. Thirteen? Way too long. No wonder I’m all tired.


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