Nicki’s cleaning… What?

Royal and I went shopping at Target last night. I got some much-needed things as well as a sheet set for my new (not really) bed. As I’m sleeping out in the living room, I need some privacy, so today I’m going to move some furniture around, as much as I can and wait for Chuck to get home to move the futon. It’s very heavy…

I woke up a bit late today, but oh well, it’s still my weekend. I had wanted to wake up at 8 to head to the mall early to get applications, but instead it was 8:45. Okay, forty-five minute difference, but I was aiming for eight. Whatever. So I went to the mall, didn’t look at any food places as I knew I was okay as my hunger goes. Once I eat at the mall, I sit down and kill more time than I really have. On Thursday I’ll head back there and drop them off. I also need to update my resumes for the places that require one. The rain got worse as I was heading home and drenched my hair as I was walking back to the apartments. I took yet another shower today. I don’t care how it looks now, just going to pull it up soon and get to work.

Hopefully I can borrow Chuck’s car to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Our Target here isn’t a Super one, so therefore no groceries. It sucks, but they’d overprice their things anyway. As if Safeway doesn’t…

I talked Royal into buying Starbuck’s Vanilla flavored Frappuccino at Target yesterday. He said he’d try them. I was all “yippee!!!” inside. Finally, somewhat healthy caffeine! I’m horrible, but who isn’t?

Alright, must get crackin’

Have a great Monday, ya’ll!

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